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Pick up: New bubbler + Frosty Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Wachiga, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I bought this in the city for $28. It hits very smooth and it took 15 minutes for the effects to fully kick in, so I called it Creeper. Heres are the pics:


    Also, $20 worth of no name dank.





  2. look at that dank stem you got hooked up with....jk.. nice nugs man
  3. I like the macro shots, nice and crystally
    seems like a good price on that pipe too..
    at my local headshop i'd probably pay 50+ for something like that
  4. Thanks man, I was gonna buy a chillum and a new bowl but my friend convinced me to get this instead. As for the dank, I didn't know it was this good until i saw my own pics. :smoking:
  5. $28 for that!?thats a damn good deal, that would cost alot more here.that thing is beautiful
  6. I wish I had a camera, I've been getting some pretty bomb blueberry headies as of late they seem to be everywhere.

    chillums are great, specially when your smoking chron by yourself :p

  7. thats a nice stem, how much it weigh?
  8. I really like your bubbler. Do all bubblers have a choke hole?
  9. also, how do you get water into your bubbler?
  10. Most bubblers should have one. I put the water through the bowl part, then wipe the water on the bowl with a paper towel.
  11. Through the carb or mouthpiece, unless you don't care about pouring water through your bowl
  12. I had a bubbler a little bigger then that, its alot easier to just have a small stream from a faucet and fill it / dump it through the carb.
  13. Oops beat me to it

  14. Oh, this is my first bubbler, so im pretty clueless. Thanks for the tip. +rep
  15. are you serious? 50+? no way
  16. depending on the thickness of the glass, yes.
    every place is different my friend!
  17. Wow it looks sticky as fuck! gimme sum *****
  18. the pipe didnt take 15 minutes to kick in... the weed did. misnamed but i like it. + rep for sharing

    good lookin bud though
  19. haha i love your new bub's name man
    looks pretty spiffy, same with the dank
    good find, but $20 for 1.34?
    where you live?

  20. When I smoked it through the spoon, i felt it after 5 minutes, so the bubbler made the high more of a creeper. Also, it was between Creeper and Oreo...

    I live in NYC and we usually pay $20/g, but the guy hooks us up a bit.

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