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  1. What is the worst pick up lines you can think of.

    Nice shoes, wanna fuck?
    You look like my ex, can I get your number?
    The only thing that I can think of to make your face look better would be my balls hanging from your chin.
    Why don't you join me in my windowless white van?
    Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

    Now what's the worst pick up lines you've seen in action and work?

    Hey cutie, wanna go home and take a shower with me? *I used to have a friend, this was his only pick up line, and it amazed me how often it worked, and if it failed he'd just go to the next girl*
    I'm so drunk I don't think I'll remember anything I did by tomorrow morning. *this one I've seen used by girls A LOT, but I guess that's why it works, they are girls*
    I just had got over my period yesterday so I probably won't get pregnant. *it amazed me to hear a girl say that one*
    This next one comes a little story to go with it, this guy is outside the bar, I'm out there having a smoke, and he's talking to this girl. I don't know exactly what they were talking about, but somehow it led to talking about his genitals being small, and he replied, "If you could find my balls I'd be praising the lord.", and she replied, "Oh, I know how to find a pair of balls." and eventually they left together in his vehicle. I was just like, wow.
  2. "My dick just died..."


    "....Can I bury it in your ass?"

    You proceed to get slapped
  3. i forgot my phone number. can i have yours?
  4. "There's a mirror in your pocket."


    "I see myself in your pants."

    Proceed to get mauled by flash mob
  5. "Hey babe ever had an Australian kiss?"
    "No whats that"
    "It's like a kiss, but from down under"
  6. "Hey baby you're parents must have been retards, because you're pretty special!"

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