Pick-Up Lines for getting a girl

Discussion in 'General' started by zeldar420, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I would quit world of warcraft for you!
    Hurt yourself in someway in front of them be over dramatic of how much it hurts. Then as they help you out introduce yourself and bam & peanut butter you got a girl
  2. Hi or Hello.... /thread
  3. nice legs.. when they open?
  4. i've got candy in the van
  5. if she's fixing her makeup or hair tell her she shouldn't mess with perfection.

    hmm now that i think about it, that's kinda creepy.
  6. Back when I was a manwhore, I told this gorgeous bartender that I would trade all 3 chicks I am banging out for her.. She was actually kind of flattered, but didn't get me anywhere.
  7. For a girl who plays pokemon.

    Ay girl, let me Zapdos pants off for ya.
  8. "Sup girl i would quit world of warcraft for you!" Hahahahaha!
    Stop making my pants tight girl!
  9. Hahahah, Funny responses ^^ :laughing:
  10. They're best when they pop into your head because you can customise one depending on the area and the girl. Just saying something so retarded it's kindof funny is good.
  11. Was your daddy a meat burglar? ----

    Cause' it looks like someone stole two fine hams and shoved them down the back of your dress.
  12. The reaction to this one must be good. :devious:
  13. Mines usually just "Hey", "Hey, what's up, doing anything lately"
    Keeping a smile on your face.

    I viewed some TED talk about smiling, it does great things.
  14. go up to a girl in a mall or someplace where a lot of walking is common and say this
    "hey excuse me, are your legs tired? because ive been following you for hours and mine are"
  15. 1. my cock just died....can i bury it up your ass?
    2. that shirt is very becoming on you. If I was that shirt I'd be coming on you too.
    3. alri love.. how about you sit on me lap and we talk about the first thing that pops up

    oh irish men.. you have to love them for trying hahaha
  16. oh yeah forgot this one.

    i just shit my pants, can i get in yours?
  17. gurrrrlll the back of yo head is ridiculous!
  18. "Suck my dick whore" YMMV
  19. Straight to the point. lmao! :devious:
  20. Nice Tits. Wanna Fuck.

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