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Pick up decision?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 68firebird, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. o choices, choices, I have been picking up beasters for some time now for 240 an ounce. I recently got a new connect and pick up dro for 235 an ounce. and i also pickup some dank skunk 1 x mighty mite headies for 325 ounce. I've only seen midis one time when my friend baught 20 dollar eigth and i grabbed some seeds from that, the midi smoke was not to bad despite seeds and stems. Now my dilema is that i can pick up a pound of mids for 800 which breaks down to 50 an ounce but i never seen these mids before so idk if its worth it. Should i pick up the beasters, the dro, the headies, or the midis??????
  2. Buy pounds of mids, sell em then buy all the dank you can consume.
  3. IF you buy a pound, the guy will let you see it before dropping 800$. I say go for the mids, but make sure to get the weed before you hand over ANY money.
  4. $800, thats $50 an ounce/$25 half ounce thats a really good price for mids, you sell that for double the price and no1 would think anything of it, unless you tell them how much you got it...u could get that cash back selling half of it, for 800, then buy a zip of some headies for 325, you have $475 dollars an ounce of high end, but you could make even more selling fat 10 bags with a lil more than a gram then you could make a lot more, and 8 zips still of mids, just take a look at it b4 you buy it, make sure it isn't schwag, and have that weighed out thats a lot on the line...idk think many ppl can eye out a pound.
  5. Go for the pound of mids. The mids I pick up are 160 an ounce. If I had a camera I would show em to ya to compare, they're higher end.

    But yeah, I would get the pound and sell, and smoke the profits.

    I usually smoke higher mids, but I get dank when I can.
  6. assuming your not going to sell it, i would say the 235 dro would be the best choice,
  7. Buying weight is a terrible way to fuck up your life if you don't know what you are doing.

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