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Discussion in 'General' started by sfsc, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I love smoking people out, and never ask for money. If someone offers, I do take it and I say thanks. If I smoke some people out more than 2 or 3 times and they never return the favor or put in cash, I generally stop smoking with them.

    Went to a party last weekend, meet a dude and a girl I thought were pretty cool - brother and sister. Invited them over to a friend's house to smoke.

    Me and the friend that owned the house got there before we did, and we both smoked our own dank. He smoked a bowl of his and shared it with me, and then we did a bowl of mine and he took a hit and said he was good, and I finished up the rest.

    Then they come over, we put away our dank, and get out our mids and smoke probably 3-4 bowls between us four after that.

    The two people that came over started getting bent out of shape and saying it wasn't cool of us to hide the dank and not let them smoke it (the friend with the house mentioned that he had some dank he smokes by himself and showed them, that's when they said that).

    I could understand if we were charging them like $10 a pop or something, but they got free mids, a free place to smoke, used my bong, and drank some of our drinks (I brought some beer) and ate his food.

    Nothing wrong with holding back on the good stuff, is there? :smoke:
  2. I don't think so. If i had some dank, I'd wanna save it for me and some good buddies. They got to smoke and get high, they should be happy with that.
  3. People are so unappreciative shoulda told them to shut the fuck up or get out for real you didn't do nothing wrong.
  4. i only smoke out friends, or people who've smoked me up in the past.

    i would certainly hide the dank if no-one else brought something to the table.
  5. Way too much thought being put into smoking weed.

  6. I don't think so. I work hard for my money and shits expensive. 20 a g is ridicules. I don't smoke too many people out. It makes me mad how hard I work for my stuff when plenty of people get smoked out. And op I bet if they had some dank that day they may have took your smoke out, criticize you then leave to smoke their dank.
    Sorry wall of txt but just say if everyone in the world could support their own mj habit we'd live in a better place I bet.
  7. Bro if it was me which it woulda been because i buy 2 grams of dank and 4 grams of regs every 2 days or so, i would have rolled a fat ass joint of dank. and then not let anyone hit it lolol
  8. Id say if anyone gets smoked up without having to throw down anything, they should just shut up and appreciate the free weed
  9. i hate it when people try to make you smoke them out. when im hanging out with some groups i just dont tell them i have weed, because they take it all and i dont get a word of thanks. you should be more stingy with people like this

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