Pick one of the following items to have with you during a 5 year prison sentence.

Discussion in 'General' started by StimulateMyMind, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Fleshlight.
  2. Superglue for my bunghole.
  3. ya lol was about to say, op been derpin.
  4. What the fuck!!! I said fleshlight before the option was even there hahaha... Fuckin weird man
  5. lmfao I saw that and was like wtf I haven't even posted poll yet
  6. give me the weed nigha!!
  7. weed of course assuming we can actually smoke it without getting fucked over.
  8. Hmmm. If the cell phone was an iPhone with unlimited internet/text/minutes I would go with that. But if not, the Xbox fasho.
  9. Obviously none of these would be allowed in prison except for the guitar, realistically speaking.
  10. Seen acoustic guitar first, didn't have to read anything else to make my choice.
  11. Guitar strings can be used as a weapon....
  12. It depends.. What does the weed come with? I hope you're not expecting us to just smoke it out of thin air.
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    Weed lol yep
    What's the point of this poll
  14. ;)

    Now you're catching my drift.
  15. I'd assume you would have adequate toking supplies, just as the Xbox better come with a damn controller or two.
  16. You guys want to play two games for 5 years ?

  17. Yeah well if it only comes with papers fuck that because joints are so wasteful. Now if we're talking about some top of the line vaporizer, I might pick the weed.

    But I just realized, what good is the weed for if you don't have anything to pass the time with while you're high? You'd just be sitting there..
  18. Where's the knife option lol...
  19. winner! lol. Fuck the weed. You'd just get high and sit there with nothing but your thoughts. At least with a guitar you'd have music. and entertainment with an xbox

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