pick of hps street light please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHempMan, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. can anyone post a street light pic plz?
  2. The good old fashioned British Streetlight....

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  3. This one is a bit more artistic. Lovely sky.

    Oooooooh look at the colours.

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  4. And then of course you have the more artistic ones often found in open area and shopping centres.

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  5. And let's not forget the ones that look like burning, freaky eyes when your tripping.

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  6. But this is my favourite.

    The future of streetlights.

    The pinnacle of streetlighting technology and mans acheivements...

    The self sufficient street lamp!

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  7. Couldn't resist.


  8. LOL!

    I can't even imagine how bad it must suck to have a streetlight right outside your window.

    hehe....sucks to be that guy.
  9. i ment after u steal it.
  10. SureShot your one of the funniest guys in the city man! lol.

  11. I know. I've never stolen a street light.

    But here's a link to a page that will tell you how to convert a common home security light into a remote ballast grow light.

    Might get you started:


    I somewhat doubt that! *laughs*

    Perhaps he's secretly growing narbis!
  12. High there,TheHempman,
    Not so long ago I would have expressed distress, possibly even upbraided you for concidering theft as a solution to your personal problems. But, in this particular circumstance... if you live in California, where the state can't afford to keep our street lights burning, I will hold the ladder for you!
    Seriously, you are better off to buy those home security lights. Easier to get replacement bulbs! They will not create unnecessary risk to your wellbeing! Designed for easy installation! They are 70W, I think, and cost about $40.00 US at Home de Pot. So two of them would do pretty well, theoretically, for up to 7sq ft. (Maybe they come in larger sizes by now, I haven't checked.) But I like to give my babes at least 40W/sq ft, so even my 4'sq would need something more.
    Good luck and be good, it will pay in the long run, I promise, on my honor as the earth girl....
  13. Great answer Sureshot,lol.[​IMG]
  14. Brain damage can cause a person to lose continuity. I can do almost any retarded thing without realizing it. I am still struggling to get the hang of navigating the web, and I thought I had lost this posting, and then got lost in the other forum. And since my brain now has only one narrowgauge track with a single old steam engine and a couple of cars, I can get lost going 'cross town on the bus! It is really hard to 'multi-task' under such conditions.
    You theft advocates and practitioners have backed yourselves into a very sticky moral position, which is why you have become so agressive, offensive and hostile. Can't you just feel Karma breathing down your neck?
    The number one point made here? The image you are projecting as a member of the smot poking community is very unattractive and destructive. Ever heard the old saw about one bad apple in the barrel? Chill out, and try not to take as malice what may only be a basic instinct to err on the side of Civilization. Nothing personal!
  15. I feel this thread taking a very bazaar turn...
  16. ahhh what do you have brain damage from earthgirl?

  17. Hey dude, how about not stirring quite so much hey?

    If you're too cheap to go and buy you're own lights, why should people help you anyway?

    No one is going to teach you how to steal cars are they?

    For those with the inclination to click on a link and do some research for themselves instead of having it all laid on a plate for them there is some very informatiove information here. Rewiring security lights is a cheap way of getting a new setup and as Earthgirl says you can pick up lights so cheap these days. You'd probably only have to give up two opr three weeks of smoking/drinking to save enough money to grow enough smoke to get yourself self sufficient.

    Oh well, home wired stolen lights, heat, water and flammable plant material. Recipe for a fire.

    I certainly won't be pissing.

  18. Sureshot, you crack me up man!

    As for this thread, I'm not gonna preach about my thoughts on tea leaves (that's "thieves" for any non-Brit who has the misfortune of never having seen Goldmember!), however I do have a point to make. Hope no-one thinks I'm being judgemental while I try to explain my point though...

    At the moment, politicians the world over are becoming increasingly at a loss for reasons to not legalise Cannabis. Mostly they are having to resort to laughable statements like "It's a Gateway Drug" and relying on peoples ignorance of the facts and using the stigma attached to other drug-use to keep people supporting their policies.

    Now, Crack-heads, Heroin addicts, PSP-users (and even drunks!) et al are well known for their socially disruptive behaviour. They steal our car-stereos (or the whole bloody car!), break into our houses, use threatening behaviour and leave dangerous syringes etc around with no regard to anybody else.

    Cannabis users, on the other hand have NEVER had such issues raised against them. I've never met anyone having been arrested for being "stoned and dissorderly"! Nor have I EVER known Cannabis use to make stoners go round stealing to get their next "fix". If we begin a trend of ripping off streetlamps, we are simply giving society a reason not to legalise it.

    You may be thinking "Oh come on, one bloody streetlamp, it means FA!" but let me assure you that if a newspaper or politician gets a story about this sort of thing, no matter about the scale, then it will get blown out of all proportion.

    I think it would be a shame if antisocial behaviour and cannabis use ever became associated cuz up until now, stoners have only ever been able to be accused of buying all the crisps and chocolate down the local shop!

    Just my thought.... Time for a little smoke methinks!


  19. *chuckles*

    Well said.

    ...and thank you mang.

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