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  1. Hi,
    a few weeks ago i planned on buying one lowryder seed from Pick N Mix seeds but after making the order i changed my mind and never sent the payment, However a few days later i recived the seed, so i kept it and never done anything with it. Then 3 days ago i decided to order some more seeds from them and this time i sent the cash in the post. I sent the money conceled safely in an envelope so noone could tell there was cash in there. And now 3 days after i sent it 1st class they are saying they didnt recive it and cash always goes missing in the post, but noone could of known there was cash in the envelope.

    So now im thinking they have stolen my money because they made a mistake and sent me a free seed. Is there anything i can do about this? Has anyone has a similar problem with Pick N Mix seeds?
  2. Nope.
    NEVER send cash. You can get a money order at 7-11 for Christ's sake.
  3. theyre probably talking about the $ from the 1st one.
    They wouldnt send a seed without payment 1st
    so Im confused.
  4. Learn to read before you post. They obviously would send a seed without the payment because they did a few weeks ago. Also, what is the difference between cash and a postal order? Either way they could steal it and claim they never recived it.
  5. so wait.. you ripped off a seed vendor first ..then get mad when they return the favor... lol go cry to mommy we ain't listening
  6. Can you explain how i ripped them off? I was planning to pay for the seed but then i decided that i have no proper grow setup and it would be a waste of time, and as there is no way to cancel the order i ignored it. Its not my fault they didnt check to see if i paid before they sent the seed. Also, that was a £4 seed, this is £52 of seeds, big difference.

    If your going to be a dick, GTFO.
  7. The difference is M/o's are traceable.
    Oh & tell me the name of the company who sends without $ 1st, Im dying to know.
  8. But anyone can cash a money order, they dont need ID or anything.
  9. Read the thread title before you post stupid questions. And obviously they dont send seeds before cash but a few weeks ago they did, probably by accident, who knows.
  10. I guess its different. In the USA you do need ID and you can see where it was cashed.
    Im still waiting for the link to that company.
    It's not nice to call someone stupid, you illiterate punk.
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    Do you know what illiterate means? If you did you wouldn't say it to me. And in the UK we can cash a postal order and a cheque without ID. http://www.pickandmixseeds.co.uk/
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    Yeah it means you can't read and write. In this case the latter. I am referring to all the typos and grammar mistakes. No hostility intended. I guess its just different rules, for different countries.
    And since I don't know English laws I can't help.
    I bet they wouldn't send them here without payment first. Anyway Thx for the link.
    Oh, so what did you end up for growing?
    Oh. I also spoke from experience because once I lost cash in the mail going to the UK for seeds. Although it's alot further to travel. So when I heard you sent cash, I assumed it was over seas.
    Maybe it was the same company & they ripped me off too.
  13. Nope, not the same.
  14. This is a forum, im not writing a letter to the queen so perfect punctuation/grammer is not needed. As long as i can get my point accross and spell correctly what is the issue? Also, no seed company in their right mind would send seeds before money, because obviously most people wouldnt pay lol. I have no idea why they sent me that seed, nor did i expect them to send it because i didnt even want it. They clearly have seen that i didnt pay for the last seed and now they have taken my money thinking there is nothing i can do.

    One last point before i go log off, My nan sends a letter from london to devon twice every week to her friend that she hasn't seen for a few years and not once since she has been writing her letters ( 5 years + ) has it gone missing, apart from at christmas time but that is expected as with all letters and packages around that time.
  15. man if its only been 3 days it could be anything just been delayed in the post royal mail say 1st class can take upto 7 days if things 'go wrong' & shit gets delayed u cant realy say they ripped u off coz 3 days later they havent got ur money plus sites always say if ur sending cash make sure its recorded so they have to sign for it to pervent this, they do say sending cash is at ur own risk if ur not going to safe gard it, plus they are very reputible seedbank from what ive seen & heard give it bit more time u never know
  16. I never knew 1st class could take up to 7 days, thanks for telling me.
  17. sorry for the loss
    but you should try someone more legit
    like dr.chronic

    ive never had any problems
  18. yea it can take that long obviously not normal tho, like i mentioned its if things have gone tits up at royal mail which happerns alot, but they do also say wait until its been 2 weeks before considering it 'lost in post'
  19. Im totally skint for about 3/4 weeks now so im going to have to wait untill then and buy some more seeds from a legit seed bank.
  20. learn to read? So you screw off a vendor and then are mad when it happens to you.

    You are a retard for sending cash first of all. And whats the difference? The difference is YOU CANT PROVE YOU SENT CASH.. what are you like 15? haha...

    Rediculous I thought this site was 18+

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