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Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, May 20, 2003.


which one ???

  1. SNK, gotta mourn their death

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  2. gamecube, live for today

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  1. lol, i fucked up he last ettempt at this so here goes...

    SNK, the coolest 2d game makers ever tribute or gamecube control pad ??? its up to you


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  2. or this ???

    thanks again

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  3. the first one seems more underground cool... i dunno i like it more... now u most vote for my shoes!
  4. dammit found another on the site...

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  5. ok i change my vote, get that one... and give the link for it cause i want it to, thanks!
  6. That second shirt kinda looks like a PS2 controller....
    I'd go with the third one.....
  7. ya it looks just like the ps2 controller. heres a funny site for funny shirts! www.tshirthell.com one of my favorites is the one that says WHAT WOULD JESUS DO (for a klondike bar)?

  8. SNK all the way! that shirts rocks dude
  9. im gonna get the SNK one now and then the WSAD one
  10. wow tshirthell is very funny (but quite wrong some of them)
  11. What did I tell you Moogle? It looks too much like a playstation controller. But anyway, you'll never beat the Marshall t-shirt!
  12. you told me nowt, and it could be both, forgot the shitsation has analogue bits too.

    ah well the SNK one will kick you marshal tshirts ass :D
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