Pick my new shoes!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, May 20, 2003.


What pair is the fuckin shizznit!?

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  1. Inspired by Weedboss's "pick my avatar" I want all of u too pick my new shoes! Yea there all adidas cause adidas are comfy as shit... also if u have any shoes u like that i can get in a size 14 from eastbay.com then by all means tell me!
  2. okay after nemours attempts at posting the pics w/ no succeus im just gonna give the links




  3. 3 man, its pretty, i would get em
  4. yea i guess three would be the best choice, does anyone know a place on the net that has a hugh selction of adidas shoes?
  5. I picked number 1, they're the most cool ones.
  6. chill with the adidas and check out a pair of Circa muska 701's..... they're the cadillac of sneakers.....comfort wise....and the stash pocket makes them worth every penny..... i think ccs, has em...
  7. picked 1, peace
  8. either the first or last pair. the second and third look like womens shoes!! i suggest you get some clown shoes instead.

  9. 1 and 4 look the same to me. I'm not cool anymore...I'm too old. I voted 1.
  10. go with #1....then get the fat laces for them and you'll look like a true hip hopster
  11. I don't see Err Force Ones as a choice.
  12. I picked the last one. I think those look the coolest. I usually get Sketchers because they are also cool and they are very comfortable. But, I'm also a girl so I only wear athletic shoes once in awhile. I just noticed that most of my shoes are black because they go with almost everything and if they get a bit dirty it doesn't show as much. So there you go!

  13. 2 perrs?
  14. O God do i love that song! Sooooooo funny! i hate nelly, its nelly right? but that song is just so funny stoned... o and i've decided to go w/ skateboard shoes cause there comfy.... so yea i now that i wasted all that time making the poll what can u ppl tell me about skate shoes? I dont want white, i want like a begie or light brown, what's that color called? Anyway, do they make any brown Circa's? Someone on here said they were comfy and some ppl at my school said they were too... yea thats about it.... that was long

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