Pick an actor to play jesus

Discussion in 'Movies' started by incrededibles, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Who is the best possible actor to play Jesus? I'm going to go with Mark Ruffalo. Strange choice I know but he's so expressive and pure
  2. Me: who else

    advising noobs on GC is a saintly art

    Dads gotta help me out once and a while ....lol

    OK if not me ..

    Robert Downey Jr. . as Kirk Lazarus from tropic thunder

    white man playing black man ....lol
  3. Mr. Bean (in)appropriately comes to mind.
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  4. Samuel L Jackson.
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  5. Samuel l Jackson he'd b a badass Jesus with his pulp fiction jerry curl
  6. Cartmoon, south park.
    (or Kenny..]
  7. I should. Considering I'm constantly called Jesus. One girl was surprised when she found out my real name was Aaron. She thought Jesus was my real name.
    When it comes to real actors somebody who'd piss off the hard-core Christians like a black dude or even better a Chinese
  8. MY name is Aaron
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  9. Gilbert Gottfried
  10. Michael Cera
  11. <_< Jack black. it'd make sense for Jesus to be kind and funny in my mind, I don't know any other actors like that. Bolt

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