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  1. I finally broke down and got some batteries for my camera. For those I have been asking questions from, the following is a "visual tour" of my setup.

    First off, this is a view of my room from the outside, The fan I have hanging osscillates back and forth on it's own due to the shape and size of thr oom it's blowing into. The brown paper bag thing at the bottom of the pics was the top of my old grow box and now serves as a "cat blocker" for the room.

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  2. View 2

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  3. View 3

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  4. Next is a view of under the sheet...

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  5. Here is a closer, more straighton shot..

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  6. Here is my smallest plant (the one on the right in the previous pic)

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  7. Sorry for the sideways shot on that last one..here it is right side up...

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  8. The one on the left and the tallest of the two...

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  9. The top set of leaves on the previous pic (plant 2) were almost nonexixstent yesterday at about the same time of day. I moved the plants closer to the main light source to help them stay bushy rather than trying to climb towards the light (I have limited space).

    This pic is of my "extra light" I have on the side. I saw in in Menards and thought I'd give it a try on my plants. It scorched my plants when I had them in the grow box and so was worried about using it on these ones, but I have much better ventilation in this closet, so, it only seems to be helping rather than hindering this time.

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  10. That's it for my "tour".

    Hope this helps those I've been asking for help from. Kindof some visual aids to refer back to. :)

    Farside 12
  11. cool runnings.

    I assume you make sure that its completely dark during the off cycle? are those sheets keeping out all the light?

    also just curious, i didnt see one, do you have a light above your plants?

    they look good do far, keep em alive..

    take care.
  12. Hey there,

    Just thought I would tell ya I have a 4 foot flouro about four inches from the top of the plants(80 W). The light cycle is set so that it is naturally dark outside when the lights are off. The room itself is naturally very dark on it's own so I have no worries about any kind of light getting to them during their dark cycle. Even so, when I decide to flower them, I have an idea to keep them totally in the dark despite the open door and the fan and such.

    Thanks for your post you guys, and thanks for the encouraging words. I'm excited about this grow, because I am certain I will come through to the end this time (I can't wait! :D ! ).

    Thanks Again,

  13. sounds good... another quick word of advise. and that is to put your plants (one at each end) close to the ends of the fluoros as the light is at the peak of intensity at the ends, and diminishes towars the center.

    keep us updated.
  14. OK, Can do..thanks for the tip!
  15. Hey All!

    Nice little plantie you have there, Swan.

    I just checked on my little ones this morning. I am so happy with how they are growing. I'm going to try to put up a weekly pic update so you can all watch them grow with me. My girlfriend noticed today that Plant 2 has a nice scent to it already. I didn't believe her when she told me, but sure enough, it smells VERY good! As it's getting bigger I've noticed it's looking like a straight sativa variety as it's fan blades are very long and thin. I've heard sativas are some of the best kind, so hopefully it turns out to be a "she" instead of a "he".

    I hope all the best for all you new growers out there!

    By the way, I'm gonna try to do some cloning this time and am going to need some help from you experienced growers when that time comes. I've checked out the Overgrow site and frankly I'm not too impressed. Seems very limited. I saw a neat setup for a bubble cloner on there I want to try out, though.

    Hmmm..what else was I going to say?...

    Oh Yeah, I was curious to know something from you experienced growers out there. I don't want my plants to get too big. I would like to keep them short and bushy, but still get a decent harvest out of them. Space is a factor for me until I get an HPS light (which hopefully will be soon, but money is also an issue for me right now and at best I'm looking at about Christmas time before I can get one). Do any of you experienced growers have any suggestions for me on how I might keep them small and yet get the most yield out of them?

    One small, off-the-topic rant: The grow guides I've read suck! And I mean "Hoover-Style"! The part I read in one about watering EVERY day..what kind of malarky is that. Are we trying to feed them or drown them? Sheesh! I have to water mine maybe once a week, but perhaps this is different undar an HPS or as it gets bigger? Even when I had my last plants (which were about 3 ft. tall when I accicdentally killed them (overwatering), I only watered the like every 3 days or so. There are more rants, but will save those for later.

    I love this site!! Where else can you get such detailed and practical growing tips/help from the very people who grow regularly. The best part I've seen are the little "practical shortcuts" some of you come up with. You are definitely a creative bunch!

    Well, that's all for now. As I said, I will post new pics of the plants one week from the original picture posts so you can all see how they are doing.

    Goodbye for now!

  16. Hey there,

    As I said, in an earlier post, money is an issue right now, so I am using bagseed (correct term for seed you got in a bag that was bought for perswonal smoking? not sure if it is, correct me if I'm wrong.) I tend to pull seeds out of bags of any good weed I get (if there are any seeds to be had in them) and save them, so I'm getting the roullette wheel effevt going on.

    In my next grow I hope to order some Northrn Lights seeds from Seeds Direct. Is this safe? My biggest blockade from getting these seeds is my girlfriend/fiancee is afraid that as soon as I order them, I'm gonne be put on a "to be busted" list or something. Any suggestions?

    I do tend to water only once a week on average. The soil blend I've put together holds onto water really well while still being very loose and aerated for the roots to grow well in.

    Hope this clears up any confusion,

  17. Here is (as promised) my one week update on how my little 'uns are doing..

    Here is plant 1 (before on left and now on right)

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  18. ..and here is plant 2...

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  19. looks like you guys are doing a good job, keep up the good work
  20. Nice looking plants swan!

    Here's my weekly pic update on my two littl'uns.
    Thank you to all who are watching these grow with me. I love to be able to document/share the weekly stages of my grow with you all.

    As promised, here they are:

    Plant 1:

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