pic of weed and strand type(educational)

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  1. this is educational, tons of strands of weed out there, how do you know if you got the right strand or if your dealer is squirreling you. look it up here


    SOUR Diesel
    BLUE Dream

    Bubba Kush

    purple cali kush
  2. [​IMG]

  3. im just gunna say this before you go any further, this is a waste of time. its almost impossible to id bud. you gotta talk to the grower if you really wanna know the strain.
  4. [​IMG]

    this is what regs looks like. (first pic is low quality, 2nd is medium, 3 pic is high quality, all regs)
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    my weed never has a name to it. the only way to know for sure what strain your weed is is to buy seeds from a seed bank and to grow it yourself. even then how do you know for sure? there are many different seed banks selling seeds labeled "sour diesel" yet i doubt they are the same at all. also you could take two clones from the same plant and give them to two different growers and your gonna get two different looking nugs so going by pictures isnt as reliable either. I used to sell weed and i had competition to make money so if i said i had sour d this week that shit will disappear in a day compared to saying i had some no name dank. keep in mind that drug dealers are salesmen too and whatever they have to say to make you get their weed instead of someone elses hes gonna say it

    also its a common misconception that purple weed is better or if its from cali its better. I've had regs that were pure purple before
  6. everybody STOP BEING FUCKEN BUZZ KILL, ok this is for people who can't tell when their dealer is trying to pon of mids or regs as high grade dank and there noobs. so keep your 2 cents to yourself unless your gonna post more weed strands. and i got the pics from medical marijuana bank.
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    Then why not post a pic of headies and mids?

    It's strain by the way, not strand. If you want this to be educational as you say you can at least use the correct terms. Just sayin.

    Also as was said you can't tell the strain from a picture. The same strains grown by differen't people with different methods can look quite different
  8. shit always looks different even if its the same strain
  9. This is actually a good guide, keep it up.
    Because the amount of pointless fucking threads i've seen asking "is this dank etc" pisses me off.
    One Love :smoke:

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