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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by overgrowray, Feb 6, 2002.

  1. well the pic of the month, can it maybe be a pic of a bud or something?
  2. i say yes y not.... :)
  3. Sounds like a great idea!
  4. yeah i thought it was a good idea too
  5. What neck of the woods are you from overgrowray ?

    I'm in Pittsburgh ,PA
  6. I'm around Butler County.
  7. Nice country up there. I go to the Butler County Fair ,and Hamfest up there every year. Lived in Butler for about a year. Originally from Clearfield in Clearfield County.
  8. I say, please o please anything but what's there now. That picture of a red white and blue ribbon and "we remember 9/11/01". I am amazed at how often I see - even here in San Francisco which is supposed to be America's most progressive city! - this "We remember 9/11" or "We will never forget 9/11" Well duh, of course we REMEMBER it, but why do people put up signs saying that as if it was a date anyone would be happy to remember?

    What the real message of "We remember 9/11" seems to be is a vague combination of "We feel your pain, and such become one with the millions who experience the strong emotions related to tragedy, thus on that day, we became larger than just individual people, but instead a country again" and "We Americans now have a perfectly good reason to go out and do some international ass kicking" .

    NO ONE wants to REALLY remember 9/11. I think it's a fair assumption to say nobody but whoever is responsible for it (and frankly I'm not at all sure we're getting the whole truth on that score from the news media, but I won't go there right now) wants to actually REMEMBER that date.

    It happened what, almost half a year ago, and it seems kind of out of date now.

    Finally, while it was a message of emotional support appropriate in September of 2001, to have it up now tends to appear as lending implicit support to a nation which has waged war on people for using marijuana, and has - according to many reports - put more people in jail for drug "offenses" in the last 10 years than ever before have been imprisoned for this - internationally, in the entire twentieth century!

    Note: I am American myself but my husband and I - with hard work and good fortune and luck, and a year or two of Dutch lessons - hope to leave this country in the next few years and live and work in the Netherlands. It's getting way too crazy over here...the slogan these days has been 'Amsterdam or Busted".
  9. Ok guys, a new picture of the month. Hope you like it all.


  10. Woohoooo monde! You go!

    I also keep in mind all the fucked up things that the US does when I remember the 11th. It hardly justifies what happened (although it does kind of give us a taste of what we deliver to those who we disagree with).

    I guess I don't really pay attention to the picture of the month. I know what picture you're talking about (because it happens to be the wallpaper on my puter's desktop), but I didn't realize it was a pic of the month.

    I guess it just takes me longer to get over tragedy, but I'm still pretty emotional over the whole deal. I still get chills when I see the video of those planes hitting the WTC. (If I think about it enough I can still bring myself to tears as well.)

    I certainly won't forget that date, myself.

    But I was really tired of the picture I had on the desktop before! I just recently turned the "remember" pic into my wallpaper.

    It'll probably be there until I find something else that catches my eye. ;)

    I'll have to go check out the new pic of the month.
  11. i try to always get to Butler County Fair, last year my ride left with out me and i had to call them later to come back and get me. Kinda sucks, i dunno if i'm going this coming summer just because last summer sucked... will see.
  12. i'll always remember what happened on 9/11 i was skipping school and we were outside in my friends garage smoking up and we came inside and for some reason i turned on the news and there you have it, man i was freaked out.
  13. lol

    My story is much less adventurous. I was going into the office at work to pick up some paperwork and the office manager had a little tv on and I could see one building billowing with smoke.

    I asked him what was happening and he said, "somebody ran into the WTC with an airplane. They think it might be some sort of terrorist attack." I was thinking a small private plane.

    I had to go spend the rest of the morning grocery shopping for the home that I work for. The employees were giving updates throughout our shopping.

    (Damn it, I got tears again!)

    By the time I got back to the home, one tower had collapsed and the other was on it's way. We were just hearing about the DC crash, and heard of a plane that was still missing.

    What a day! I remember looking up for the next couple of days knowing it was probably going to be the only time in my life that I could look into the sky and not see one single jet or plane in the sky. Not one single stream from the jet engines.

    It was beautiful but sooooooo eerie. It was the only time in my life that I was driving home from work looking out for fucking runaway airplanes! The plane that crashed in PA was still missing at this point.

    I watched the news straight for months (and still most of my tv time is on the fox news channel). Talk about depression! Motherfuck! I can’t look at jet liner in the sky anymore without marveling and mourning.

    Time for a joint!
  14. .... I'm just happy the site has a new fucking pic of the month!

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