pic of my stuff i just got

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Kr4zY-tOkA-IvXx, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. hey all i just picked up 2 8ths of this stuff .. tell me what ya think

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  2. figured to get another pic out of bag

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  3. Looks good. I see crystals and a bit of white hair. Looks like nugs to me. Oh yeah and wouldnt "2 8ths" by a quorter :confused: :D

  4. shure wuznt paying attention of how it was measured i just knew it was two 8ths hehe
  5. shitty bud mayne...

  6. i think it looks nice...just a lil compressed...:)
  7. if thats a quarter where u live im gonna laugh, i get about 8 times that for a Q
  8. Looks kinda dark and compressed, and If that is a quarter, its a pretty small 1, how much did ya pay?
  9. Pretty good mids I wouldn't pay over $50 for a quarter, and a real quarter is way fatter.
  10. crystals like that on mids? hell nah my boy had soem dark dense ass nugs a lil while back with mad ass crystals, was the bangins, got me roasted. Shit looks like some dense ass nug with nice crystals, looks not to bad at all.

  11. this isnt all of it just linked the few nuggets that i could without destroying the nice ones im planing on smoking soon

    was about 40 an 8th so 80 for quarter .. in my mind its pretty good and got my blasted after a bowl with 3 other ppl ..its a pretty nice high .. kinda trippy and makes me a wee bit paranoid
  12. Thats some good bud. He doesn't have the best cam to show off the trichs, but if you look close you will see the sparkle. I've had herb thats a little darker too like that...its good.
  13. nah it looks mediocre, not bangin the bud, i blazed some mediocre last night and this morning. but it doesnt look
    too bomb

    i like weed
  14. It looks just like regular mids, nothing shitty, but nothing special.
  15. bud is bud.. as long as it gets u high, why cry...
  16. I wish I had a digi cam thats all I will say.

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