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Pic of my first grow, outdoor bagseed it was stolen but i found a bit on the floor!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lusca24, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Tell me what you think.
    It was my first outdoor grow, and i recovered about an ounce that fell off of the plant when they tried yanking it out of the ground.
    I used no bought soil, just plain dirt and molasses during flowering, i sprouted in july.
  2. I can see lots of tricomes it doesn't look bad for a first grow man nice job.
  3. Did the po-po raid you? That's what it sounds like anyway.
  4. Rippers
  5. yea homie rippers, #1 NEVER TELL ANYONE
    really need to follow that rule haha lesson learned
  6. SO they left an ounce behind when they ripped the plant? Sounds a little weird. Not bad though for a first time.
  7. Nice man. Was it in your yard?
  8. Yeaa I had everything tied down it was lst'd and like 2 little side branches an ounce was left on those.
  9. Not bad... (smoke up)
  10. Looks better than the shit I'm smoking.

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