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Pic o' the bongs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sartrainwreckkk, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. #1 Sartrainwreckkk, Feb 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2009

    that's me with mah 211
  2. Nice collection! +rep. What are the two on the far right and the black one?
  3. great collection! i love the rasta labels!
  4. that black one is an illadelph. and the one to the far right looks like....fuck i forget the name....but they hit so smooth!


    nice collection mos def. are they al yours though!?!?! haha
  5. there is no black one, its dark blue, and its an illadelph i believe
  6. #6 Krystalizer, Feb 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2009
    damnnn that is a sick collection!

    yea the illy i think is dark blue, and the far right i think is called a hurricane or a tornado or some sort of thunderstorm..

    probably a bitch to keep em clean, cuz if ur too lazy u just pick up a clean bong and blaze.. lol


    *edit* @ OP: How do you like the frost coil on the illy?
  7. Dude, you have a hurricane bong.

    Hows it hit?
    I was thinking of buying one, but the fact theres holes in the tube kinda set me off.
  8. new best friend right here
    killer collection man, that bubble bottom rasta label is bangin, as is the hurricane.
    other then cars, those are the only material possessions i will honestly say im jealous of

    keep the rasta smokes rollin
  9. Yeah, the one on the left is dark blue and its an illadelph.
    we had a 2 foot extention for it- idk if you guys know how the illadelphs work but the whole bong is glass on glass if that makes any sense... you can remove that coil
    (also for those who don't know, the coil is a copper tube surrounded by glycerin. you can remove the entire coil and put itn the freezer, and it will get super cold without freezing.) this makes your hits iceee cold when you blow em out :p
    anyways, the 2 foot extention..... that was my favorite bong ever when it was all put together, hit sooo nice. I snapped like .6-.7 with that shit, ill be honest though- didnt clear it ><

    Uhhh, the black label roor hits so fucking nice- the bowl thats in the black label and the bubblebottom rasta label should be switched
    that bowl in the bubblebottom is super rare, ill try to find a better picture of it.
    the 2 foot rasta label is the newest addition

    the bubble bottom will tear you up if you milk it slow, it will all bubble at the bottom and give you the gnarliest hit
    uhh the one with all the perks is the VIP, that bong doesn't get used too much honestly.

    And now on to the hurricane.
    Oh man, thehurricane is one of the greatest bongs you can ever buy. It's a legit hurricane, fuck tsunamis. The carb on the bottom is sooo fucking well executed,and its not that hard to clean :p for a while it was my favorite bong.

    im from southern cali, so there aint anything but the dankest thc covered nugglets going into these bongs.
  10. This is my roommates new bong


    3 foot tri-label RooR

    hahah, I look fucked up, im pretty sick right now :/
  11. I got dank, you got killer bongs i say we have a toke sessinon:smoke:
  12. how do you like that hurricane?
  13. holy shit that is sick
  14. hurricanes primeeeeeee
  15. that worked rasta is to ill man mad props +rep
  16. can you light the 3-foot by yourself or do you need someone else to do it?
  17. can we PLEASE get pictures of the bongs one by one?
  18. You can light it by yourself-

    and ill take individual pictures if im ever less lazy, way too lazy and stoned for al that bussiness

    and my roommates are going to get the new street fighter, so that might occupy a lot of my time for the next few days.....
  19. [​IMG]

    hahaha, i always forget how easy it is to take pics on this computer,

    this is a better picture of that rasta label

    hits like a champ
  20. nice bongs +rep but if i drive in the car with a bong and i cleaned it out... if i get caught be the cops and they search my car and find it.... if it gets to that point lol can i go to jail since or no cause they have no residue in it:confused:

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