*PIC* Need some help on my lowryder 2

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RutRipper, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Ok, so I have a 5 lowryder 2 seeds that have all broken out of their shells. I only germinated one in wet cotton (the on in the picture) and the other 4 in soil. but I dug into the soil a little bit and it looks like the white shoot coming out of the seed starts at the bottom of the seed and then comes up towards the surface of the dirt. Did I plant them the wrong way? Or do the shoots start at the bottom of the seed and then turn up and sprout? So I have the shoots pointing upwards in the soil right now but should I change the way I put the seed in when I plant this one? Sorry for the complete nube questions but I just want to do this right. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!:smoke:

  2. pic duznt work
  3. i was always taught to plant the white shoot down but ive heard people say that they will work themselves out and the plant will root but it stresses the plant or something..Eh who knows im new to growing myself man.Goodluck though
  4. ok, got the pic working now. So the white shoot is a root or is it the sprout with leaves on it?
  5. i've never grown before but i know that when a plant grows the first shoot that comes out is the stem, then leaves will come out as it searches for sunlight. hope this helps.
  6. its both...the last part of the seed shell will be stuck to the 1st leaf...i would leave it in a papertowel til its about an inch or so then plant that with the remaining seed shell facing up. also use a humidity dome and spray them a couple times a day..GLUCK:wave:
  7. Ok, thanks I flipped them around very carefully...it looks like the seed is starting to come out of the ground now and I can see little bit's of green in it (leaves!) so hopefully things are going well. I will try to start a grow log when they become little seedlings. Thanks for you help guys!

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