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pic for my bands new website

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by vacntskies, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. hey everyone, i was just wondering if you guys could give me an opinon on my bands new graphic. keep in mind we are a metalcore band so i think it kind of fits our style just right, but id like some honest feed back.

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  2. the whole "metalcore=blood and knives" thing is a little bit played out, this might be a typical hardcore kid response, but whatever. honest input: don't be "metalcore". be original.

    sorry this wasn't what you wanted to hear.

    also, if you have a shag cut... cut that shit.
  3. You said be honest so here goes.I like the idea but the final result is a bit bland and doesn't really grab me.The bloody handprint is a bit cliched and I hate to think how many times newsclippings have been used.I know its hard to be original but it was still a very reasonable effort.Don't give up on your dreams.After all it is only MY opinion.
  4. change the background color, and make the blood writing easier to read, imo...
  5. we want a real bloody knife! not drawn!!

    i think OJ has one lieing around still?
  6. Too much peach, way too much smudge tool!
  7. of all the pictures of bands websites, this is definitely ONE of them

  8. i couldnt agree more man, u said it all

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