Pi - water? Anyone heard of it?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ak47bam, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. When i search around the best watering for growing hydro/soil then i encounter this Korean company WONYONG. They have this Pi - water for agriculture. There are 2 products from this WONYONG :

    Pi - Seed Treatment.
    Effect for this Pi - Seed Treatment :
    1. Improve germinate
    2. Increase root
    3. Promote Growth
    4. Reduce Disease
    5. Endure from low temperature
    6. Increase fruit bearing

    Pi - Soil Conditioner. Effect for this Pi - Soil Conditioner :
    1. Make repeat cultivation, saltish soil treatment
    2. Promote growth, high yield, reduce disease
    3. A root activate
    4. Make best soil condition (supply oxygen in soil)
    5. Growing without agriculture chemicals
    6. Acid soil change to normal soil ( PH 5, 6 => PH 7.0

    I like to know anyone here are using this Pi water, do you think its necessary to use this kind of water to improve growing? Hope anybody with opinion can share the ideas and info or critics or anything.

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