Physically impossible to get as high from a joint than a BONG

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Fool_in_the_Rai, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. For all those "joint lovers," I hope you realize that joints are very unconservative.

    Joints burn constantly, unevenly, and you cannot get as big as a hit from them. Because of this, you will always be wasting bud when you smoke a joint.

    With bongs, absolutely nothing is wasted if you hit it right. Every since spec of smoke burned from the bowl will reach your lungs. Also the smoke is very condensed and its easier to take very large hits. People say bongs filter out THC... Keep in mind the amount filtered out is miniscule and would not be a noticeable difference.


    So... It is a fact that joints are less conservative and get you less high.

    However that does not mean joints are bad! They are great on the go and taste great!


    I have been smoking for 5 years straight. In that time I have always been very open minded about smoking methods. I have used every smoking invention known to man kind thoroughly, and I find that glass bongs are the best, hands down.

    This is not meant to make joint smokers feel bad... Just to inform people. I smoked j's all the time, and I started to get less and less high from them. I then hit a bong and have been able to get wrecked every night for years.
  2. you my friend are WRoooooooooooonG
  3. Dont disrespect joints. They are one of the chillest ways to smoke. They are also a lot easier to drive with as you dont have to relight it every hit.
  4. Do you wear a helmet a lot? You sir should actually smoke a joint. ;)
  5. yeah, but smoking joints is so much fun.
    Weed is meant to be enkoyed, not just used to get high.
    Thats why theres always moreee~
  6. He's just saying a J could never get you as high as a bong.. Hands down.

    I love bongs they can get you so baked. But joints are good for on the go or when theres 2 or 3 people.
  7. joints you dont have to repack, relight, empty. the only thoughts in your head are NOTHING CEPT GETTIN HIGH. with a girl or friends you wanna chill get high move your hand a lil and pass it instead of having to do work every hit.

    bongs are smarter but joints are the way weed is ment to be smoked. if it wasnt bad on your lungs i would smoke it all the time. if you dont care about your lungs, all the power to you go chill and ez ur mind while bongers spend peaks of their high packing bowls

    i smoke bong 95% of ze time. til the vap comes
  8. I agree with everything you said there :wave:
  9. You can get just as high from joints as from a bong. The bong will just get you there faster and with less weed.
  10. stop arguing about this shit, pot is pot, burn it and breathe it.
  11. unless you want to, then you can keep arguing about this. . .
  12. I dont know what your talking about, no one is arguing.
  13. im sorry to say you are wrong. more thc is wasted in a joint but you can still get as high, it just takes longer. with a bong you can get about 78% of the thc in the bud. a joint can be as low at 28%. these facts are from

    there is no limit to how much thc you can absorb, or at least no limit reachable, so how could a joint not get you as high?

    A bong is more effective then joints but you can get just as high with joints.

  14. Of course.

    But if you have a gram you will get a LOT higher from smokin it out a bong than a J
  15. i definitely agree. but the OP did title "Physically impossible to get as high from a joint than a BONG" so i have to correct him.
  16. To each his own.
  17. That's your OPINION.
  18. The correct posts seem to get overlooked far too often.

  19. once you learn how to pack 'your' bowl correctly you can get it to cherry correct. but it takes some time to learn how your bowl works.
  20. I like the quick hit buzz of a bong

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