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  1. Hey I got my physical awhile back and the doctor dude took a urine sample and I took a few hits off a joint like 4 days before..Will the THC level be high enough to see on a test :confused:
  2. Don't worry about it man. THC doesn't just pop out of your piss. For them to find it they have to be screening for it which I doubt they would do in a physical.
  3. Thanks man :hello: , It's been on my mind for awhile
  4. yeah back when i was a noobie i used to get paranoid about that sort of thing. but theres no need to worry. but what happened to my friend was the doctor had him take 2 urine samples and said the second was to screen for some illness i forget. the next day his dad had a long talk with him. i felt bad because i had been smoking him down for the previous month. his dad had him drug tested because he found a white powder in his bedroom which ended up to be his older sister's make-up.
  5. Yeah, you should be fine.
  6. even if they did test for that they couldnt tell anyone because

    1. your over 18

    2. what goes on between a patient and doctor is confidential
  7. That must suck, Yea true he might get pissed off because he is a good family friend

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