Physical do i have anything to worry about???

Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, May 2, 2006.

  1. Ive smoked every day for the last 3 months now and i have smoked today at lunch as well. but my problem is that i have a physical tommarow morning. am i fucked or do they not test for marijuana at physicals. many people have told me i have nothing to worry about and they just keep passin the blunt to me. do i have anything to worry about?

  2. you dont have a thing to worry about. I was stoned when i went in , took a piss test, got the results over the phone. They said i have no diseases. End of story. Dont stress bro.
  3. unless it would harm your health, most doctors dont really give a fuck. im sure alot of them know as doctors that weed is practically harmless, it all depends on your situation and mental health.

    you're not a quack, are you? if you're not, you will be fine lol
  4. I don't understand why you guys don't tell your doctors.

    You are 18 years or older! Any physician will tell you how pertinent it is to your health for your doctor to be informed of stuff like this.

    I just told my doctor flat out "i smoke pot on a daily basis. I know it is better for my health not to." and we discussed it, etc.

    I feel so much better knowing that i can keep a watch for cancer and cardiovascular diseases that are associated with smoking and that my doctor knows about it.

    Seriously guys, get with the times. Your doctor should always be aware of things like this!
  5. Getting off topic a little bit, I havent been sick in YEARS and I can now safely assume its because I smoke pot. Anytime I started to feel the little bit of sickness creeping on, I would smoke a bowl (practically force myself) and bam, feel great! Its my magic medication

    but yeah, If I did have a doctor. I would tell him, He can't tell anyone because its confidential
  6. I love my immune system....I seriously have not been SICK, like a virus or a fever, in well over a year. I mean I'll get the sniffles or a cold but I VERY rarely get actually sick...and when I do it only lasts for a day.
  7. yeah i hear ya, I just came to the conclusion that pot has made me immortal. i can't not be sick nor die.

  8. Oh yeah?
    Better watch your back from now on...... :wave:

  9. you can not kill me, i am the HIGHLANDER! (pun intended)
  10. Just out of curiosity (and I think this would benefit others to read this as well), what did your physician tell you about the affects of smoking cannabis on a daily basis? I mean, you must know by now that no one has died from smoking cannabis, even heavily and regularly, so what did the physician say?

    The worst thing I can say about ganja and health is that it does affect your cardiovascular system and if you continue to smoke it regularly, it would be good to do a series of various exercises that filter your lungs rapidly (running, biking, swimming, sex, etc.) Otherwise, vaporize.

    Anyways, it would be of great interest to me what your physician told you, especially if that physician was informed about the various long term physical effects of regular recreational cannabis consumption.
  11. yeah rasta i agree. i told my doctor. he told me its fine as long as i dont push limits. i know that. i told im purley weed. nothing more.

    they dont check for that shit in physicals
  12. thanks alot, ill go into my physical feeling alot better now
  13. His biggest concern is cardiovascular diseases like you said. Emphazyma, Systic Fibrosis, Bronchitis, Pnemonia, etc. He is always checking my lungs and he advised me that it is very beneficial and can be preventative to contantly exercise your lungs. When you smoke (anything), this causes damage and scaring of the Avioles, the organs within your lungs which actually exchange Co2 and O2. Running and exercise help to regernerate the Avioles.

    Cancer seems to be low on his list, but every 6 months he checks my lymph nodes, my lungs, and the good old prostate (yeah, for those of you who havent had a prostate exam, you just wait, it's alot of fun). Oral cancers are often discovered by dentists, which i regularly see, so that's not checked.

    My heart has always been in immaculate condition and he isn't concerned about blood flow or ulcers, but i would suspect most doctors would.

    The peice of mind that i get from this is very comforting. Smoking may not be the healthiest way to use herb, but at least i know if i do run into any issues, i'll know about them as soon as possible and i'll have the best chance for recovery and survival.

    Smoking pot falls under doctor-patient confidentiality. It does break the law, but does not bring harm to others. I would advise that all pot smokers tell their doctors about their recreational drug use. Not only is it wise to keep a look-out, it can help explain and diagnose other conditions and diseases that smoking can contribute to.

    If that freaks you out, then you can always go to a walk-in clinic and just discuss recreational pot-smoking with the doctor there. They will be able to give you a much better idea of the health ramifications than i can.
  14. ^^ Thanks Rasta_Man. I haven't told certain people I smoke ganja: my parents, my various doctors simply because they're all right wing conservatives who generally hate people who smoke weed (and yet my rents are okay with cigs even though they don't smoke them anymore!)

    I would try and convince them but I get stressed enough as is just trying to keep them from freaking out about my career choice: fine artist.

    As for my doctor, I plan on finding one once I'm no longer under my rents' care that is more liberal and open-minded about marijuana use (which shouldn't be too hard to do). Right now I can't because he's really in with my rents and would probably tell them since they're all pals n'soforth.

    I am concerned about my lungs a bit because I also smoke tobacco and have made it a point to quit very soon because I realize that if I just quit cigs and started exercising, I'd probably be okay even with all the ganja I smoke. Plus when I turn 26, I've made a promise to myself to purchase a vaporizer and to stop smoking ganja save for on 4/20 when I feel like it wouldn't be out of the question to break out a bong for old time's sake, but other than that I'll be vaping from then on so as to minimize my risks to nearly none.

    Anyways, I haven't given you +rep yet, but if I have spread enough rep around, you'll get one. Thanks again.

    EDIT: Woop, can't, need to spread some rep around. I'll remember though.
  15. ok so i just got done with the physical and i passed it. i also told my doc that i do smoke and he went on this big thing about how it benifits the mind and is not what alot of people ssay bad about it. so it went really good

  16. hey! that's pretty sweet :) glad to hear it all worked out, man.
  17. haha thats badass. doctors are always chill (usually)

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