Physical and Urine Screen- Pre Employment

Discussion in 'General' started by yungkashsk, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Hello all. I recently have an interview and when I applyed they said I have to take a physical (most likely drug testing) because thats what they do around here for almost every job. I know for sure urine, but im going to get a hernia check more than likely.

    Looking to sub as i just dont have enough time to quit, and im the type of person who wont stop doing something so harmless and changing my life for some motherfucker who wants me to piss in a cup for no reason, because i wont get hurt at work and will do fine, PS: I do not get high AT WORK, so why should i have to be under pressure for 30 days after my last use of marijuana, totally unfair and not a reliable way but thats how it is!! I could go to drunk everyday and chew gum, try to act normal and would probably still have my job if i only drink a couple days but i might only drink once a month.

    Thanks, this is a physical at a clinic. not sure if thwy will make strip to a gown, i know hernia, just looking for some tips. im wondering whether physical or UA first? if phys than i put my Quick fix in my shoe while waiting on doctor or some other spot, if UA and i dont jock it first then im pretty much fucked. So im thinking keep it jocked hope for UA and than do it, if phys hopefull you get atleast 15 seconds of time before the doc comes in.

    Is this how a physical works? we do a lot of physcial labor im guessing. But waiting on the doctor? Im sure like every other doc, they dont rush in and take their sweet ass time

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