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Physical activities.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HeyHey, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Ok, would any physical activity, such as downhill skateboarding, lower or affect you high?? Like a buzz-killer?

  2. i play basketball stoned and its really fun. you just get tired and are way less coordinated. but get some friends together, blaze a few bowls and start a game of night hoops somewhere with lights. its the shit.
  3. Being high increases most of your senses, so the fear and joy of doing something like downhill skateboarding would be pretty intense. Obviously it would be a buzz killer if you wiped out on your ass, but otherwise it should be pretty fun.
  4. So it would kill your high? What about taking a shower? Cause ive smoked in the bathroom and then taken a shower but i dont know or havnt noticed if it has killed my high a lil...
  5. just dont worry about it mate.

    having a shower blazed is awesome. playing sports is awesome.

    i find when i do physical activites after a couple of bowls i just feel so relaxed and i dnt give a shit bout stuff. feel like a happy kid playing in the school yard
  6. They do for me, while sometimes they can be fun and the high can sustain itself a little while but they definitely shorten it. Sitting on a couch and not moving or eating or talking will keep you high the longest.

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