Phyll's First Real Haul

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Phyll, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Greetings, growers and all around good buddies. Here is a series of pics and various views of my finished creation. Details: 100% CFL's- 8 weeks 24/0, 100% CFL's -7 weeks 12/12 with Schultz's Expert Bloom Plus (10-60-10) in a 3'x3' room in a big 40 gallon black pot, store bought soil and daily attention to positioning of individual lamps. My net yield appears to be around 4 oz. from 4 plants after pulling 3 males out @ 9.5 weeks. It's good weed and I'm keeping it all for myself!
  2. and here it is

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  3. The stuff in the pics above is all sitting on a paper plate and I have it compressed into 4 rectangular "burgers". I was thinking about cutting it into strips and wrapping them all with some fine twine and using them like Thai stick without the stick. Thanks to all the great growers and pundits who have been so helpful. If I were to unload all of this stuff stick by stick it would probably pay my grocery bill for six months. Probably my bar bill too! Nyuck, nyuck, knuck...Adios Amigos
  4. Congrats Phyll, you're an inspiration to fluoro growers everywhere!
  5. what the hell is that!!! i thoght it was a brain or sumting dude

  6. Me too! It looks like brain. Maybe I'm just looking at it wrong, I am quite stoned at the moment.
  7. id love to have that brain in my hands if i could!
  8. Ha HAHHH! It took some brains to get away with it. When I manicured it it was still a little damp and sticky. There are some small leaves in there but not the fan leaves. There isn't a stem or seed in any of it and it's not as green as the pics show... BTW, I am looking for a 'shroom growing kit I can buy in the midwest US (Great Lakes) online or ?
  9. HIGH All, mmmmmm looks good Phyll (pats Phyll on the back) you did a fine job for your first grow. It only gets better from now on.
  10. where are you in the midwest? mid michigan here

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