phx trinity

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  1. Ive had it for a while one of the best pipes ive ever had:D

  2. [quote name='"Nexocide"']Ive had it for a while one of the best pipes ive ever had:D


    I used to think these were cool. Until I hit a few. The honeycomb doesn't really fire well ESPECIALLY with that dome perc. IMO, that same exact tube is one of the draggiest tubes out there, particularly from a company that thinks they are the shit.
  3. Did it come with a ladder?:p

  4. Im just gonna tell you know, this forum is not friendly to PHx, I am also a PHx owner and I love mine. Nice tube though!! Milk it man!!
  5. It has a huge hit i agree but it is a great pipe and the some perc is a lot smarter and bubbles more than a tree perc that can easilly snap.
  6. Ill milk it and put a pic up tonight i would love to now but im at work haha
  7. Again, don't try to defend PHx here man. You will get a new hole to poop from. I learned the hard way.
  8. Oh i know i dont people smoke what they smoke i used to use a cheap little 12in bong
  9. Phx bongs are shit.
    They have a few good, stupid expensive bongs.
  10. Nice glass. Mine only lasted a week:(
  11. Sick tube man, I recently bought a couple pieces off BM and nearly pulled the trigger on a clear worked version of yours while I was in the market but got beat out by someone who didn't spend so much time umming and awwing about the decision haha.
  12. saw a youtube video of the PHX guys puttin one of these together,

    the video makes it look cool, but when I hit one my homie owns, I was unimpressed :rolleyes:

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