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  1. Hey guys, so i was planning on buying a new bong and i came across this nice joker called the PHX HD. Basically its a straight tube bong with either none,one,or two dome perks and a new "Honeycomb Diffuser" that is basically a small disk right near the downstem that has 200 little holes for perfect toking :D

    heres a picture of it.....

    So the reason i came to you guys here is because iv been smoking for quite a while just rarely with a bong. iv hit only 2 bongs before, one that was a nice ass 3ft tall bubble bottom PHX and an alright 1 1/2 PHX that belonged to my buds.
    unfortunately, i dont know much about bongs, i know the big companies like Illadelph and ROOR and PHX but i have no idea who is better and wat they have to offer.... i really like the PHX HD but maybe u guys can help me out to a nice bong
  2. Phx is not one of the big brands anymore but I have heard good thing about that bong

    google aqua lab tech
  3. My local shop just started getting these in. I am very interested getting one so if any of you have some input on the honeycomb it would be appreciated. I wish they had ones with percs they only have the strait tube with honeycomb. Perhaps I should request some ones with percs.

  4. i feel like i stepped into a really unfamiliar place. i clicked "Scientific Glass" tab on the top and it listed a crap load of companies.... i have no idea what any of them are so i dont really know wat im looking for
  5. what's your price range?
  6. I got the one on the right in this pic. I love it. It's the thickest piece of glass I could find, probably weighs 8lbs or more. I had to crop the pic to be able to post it again, and I chopped off the text under mine but it's 9mm. The 7mm's are on the left.

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  7. ill go up to like $600-700
  8. You should go for a complete custom setup, that'd be epic :D

  9. problem with that is, i have no clue what that means hahahaha
  10. 680
  11. 210
  12. i really appreciate u guys helping me out with the pictures and prices but im kinda looking for specs or opinions on the PHX HD.... but what are those things on the last pic of the guy above me?
  13. these are really nice looking ,
  14. If you're spending $600 get something good don't get that Roor or anything by Zob, HVY, PHx or anyone like that.

    They are all ok production companies but never worth $600.

    Check SG, Luke Wilson, Toro or any artist based glass rather than prodo company.

  15. I agree with this

  16. this is a ash catcher

    [ame=]YouTube - PHX HD honeycomb perc[/ame]
    best quote ever : your famous bitch:

  17. oh yea thats wat i thought but the picture is so close up that that piece looks like its 3x the size of a bong so i was like wtf is tht?

    i feel like im being really annoying and sounding like a noob by asking all these questions, but its just i really have no idea about bongs and my lungs r getting a little clunky from all the js i smoke :)D) so i saved up alot of money to buy a nice bong. but once i saved up the money i was like "well wats the diff? wats worth it? wats better?" so i came here, but reading over this topic i see that i just sound like an idiot..... but thanks for everything guys
  18. phx is chinese glass that is assembled in the us from what i understand... if it was me i'd grab a sovereignty stemline/8, i think they run 500

    if you do decide to go with the phx hd i'd get the one with just the honecomb... dome percs are generally more drag then they're worth imo
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    Mine's not chinese. I think you're just flat wrong here buddy. The ad says blown in california.
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    their colored glass is sourced from china
    proud new owner of my SECOND phx duo beaker <3333
    picked it up this weekend
    ughh i love it!
    the hd, in my opinion, isnt worht it.
    the soverignty stemline diffuses just as well, for half the price.


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