Phx glass collection

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  1. Here's my collection of PHX. Blown in California and is some great glass. Pre-cooler fits on both tubes and the honeycomb diffuser is amazing.

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  2. nice pieces man, I like them
  3. Not a fan of phX but nice pieces! Thats an interesting a/c!
  4. I hear its a common misconception that PHX is blown in California but that it's actually over priced low quality glass like Pure that's blown overseas somewhere. Anyone know if there's any truth to that?
  5. Im pretty sure you are right on this. But if you get them for the right price its not too bad. That AC does look pretty cool. Any vids of those in action?
  6. Well I mean the honeycomb Percs come pre made and they just weld 3 of them in and charge you $600+ when they first came out, they may be cheaper now idk lol. But I've seen a lot of broken ones, and that's not cool.

    Nice avatar or w/e it is. Rondo's beasting this year, but my teams in the west so go Celtics and Fuck the Heat!
  7. I have this attachment for p/c and a/c. It makes my pre cooler a whole new pipe!!! Will post a milking video soon.

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  8. Might wanna get a k clip for that bad boy haha
  9. sweet collection
  10. Really nice thanks for sharing

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