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Phunkyphil and Digit's Bongsmith Guild.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Mar 24, 2003.


want to join up?

  1. sure. i can build a quality bong/pipe.

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  2. nope. I'm not worthy, i can only stick a biro in a coke bottle, or punch a few holes in a beer

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  3. nope. I don't need to. I'm rich enough to live in the luxury of profesional-made, shop-bou

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  1. Join up, join up! for those of us yet to aquire the funds to buy one of the many AMAZING bongs available here at the city.

    share building techniques/materials tips, trade secrets, ideas and images of your creations here.
  2. here's a pic of one of my creations... this one is called Dr. Chrome (used to have a different name but it didn't suit).

    it still needs a bowl and also requires work on the inside to protect against rust. I'm thinking of sand blasting it's interior and then finding a suitable 'paint'(?) to protect against further rust.

    if anyone knows of a paint or coating i could use that would fit all the requirements for bong construction, please share...

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  3. mmmm... chrome
  4. i wanna join... i haven't made any bongs recently due to me having a glass bubbler and all... but i can make one out of just about anything i find laying around the house :D fun stuff building a bong :)
  5. heehee.... you like?

    you should see it when hangin out in a smokers lounge decorated with wall to wall, ceiling to floor fairy lights! now thats what i call "bling bling". heehee.

    ps. normally i'd never use that term.
  6. i totally forgot about rocketeering! alot of people call them "lungs" but that get's confusing, and rockets sound better anyway. i have build a few rockets in the past that were built to last.

    my mate rog built one and stuck a Chu-Chu Rocket thing to the side... haha, that was brilliant... :) i wish he could still deal with smoking cannabis. paranoya and psychosis is a bitch. :(
  7. i want to join too, i can make paraphnalia with the best of 'em. i wish thaat i had a camera, i have some pieces that i have wanted to post for a long time. a lot of my cool ones were half way disposabe, i made a purge valve that screws between waterbottles in conjunction with my glass strait pipe, to make a quick double chamber bong.
  8. Yeah, I want in too! before i bought my bong and spoon, I was always making some new bong or pipe.. Whole room full of shit from pvc (i know now, bad) to plastic hoses. airpumps, fans, tons of different bowls, stems and threaded fittings..sounds fun right now:)
  9. I wanna join! I try all the time to make stuff, even tho I have a perfectly good bong :D
  10. I used to make a different bong almost every night I got high, but not so often now, I found a great, quiet, amall portable design, kinda liek the little glass in one of my other posts, but a little bigger, i need to sleep so I'll share all my secrets L8R.
  11. ill join , makeing bongs are fun , my personal fav is a gravity bong :)
  12. the first bong i made I had to make with a mountain dew beer bong thing, a brass pipe, a hot glue gun and a whole bunch of trial and error.

    I don't need no stinkin glass shit :D
  13. I'd like to join!

    I dig making them out of liquor bottles with glass drill bits and my drill. I can't seem to find a drill bit to make it through a river stone yet. A friend of mines dad makes pipes out of smoothed over river stones and they hit so good and have that natural salty taste when you put your lips on I really want to be able to do that.

    Steamrollers are pretty easy to make and I love the monster hits that kick me on my ass!

    I like to make them when I get high and industrious. I'm a lot more creative then.
  14. maybe if some of our bongs are so good, super joint might want to sell them as unique specials in the city shop.

    has anyone ever made spill proof bongs?

    not an easy task... my first spill proof one was accidentaly spill proof... once it was discovered that it didn't leak we kept on knocking it over intentionally just to see if it ever would dribble.

    a couple of others sice have been spill proof.

    Blue Tull Bong was nearly spill proof.... more like spill protected. as long as there wasnt too much water in it it could be knocked over without ther ever being more than a few spots leaking out.

    asuming there is no toxic materials present what would you all say is the most important aspect of build quality to look out for....

    i say air-tightness. ...nothin worse than sucking and sucking only to get oxy rush before any smoke.
  15. the smell's pretty important

    never smoke with mountain dew (in place of water) and then forget and leave it in your closet

    actually I like my bongs like my women...

    ...tight and simple

    i made a funny, uh hyuk :D
  16. lol

    wait a minute... i think there's more truth to that than first meats the eye...

    i like my bongs with hidden complexity and deapth, a little bit of class, looks arent important but a very welcome bonus, make a nice sound, and functionality(?) ... and good suction too ;)


    not only was it funny, but its now also doubly funny because it's true!

  17. I'm too dumb to make anything. I wish that this wasn't the case, but it is.

    I guess that's alright, but I have a couple of nice store bought pieces that get me through.

    If you'll take me, I'll join in order to learn.........
  18. the way I make my bong is simple and hella cheap..

    step 1
    get supplies, a water bottle, knife, and tin foil

    step 2
    take off the cap of the water bottle, and put tin foil there, lots of layers so it doesnt break!

    step 3
    cut 2 holes in the bottle, 1 about 2 inches below the other. one is where u hit, the other is the choke.

    step 4

    pokes SMALL holes in the tin foil with a pen.

    put weed there, cover one hole with ur finger, and TOKE!!!

    stupid...but easy
  19. i once managed to bust a hole through a glass snapple rain bottle with a sharp metal tool (i dunno what it was... found it in my dad's tool box), some duck tape (to keep it from shattering the glass), a hammer, and some foil :D was pretty crude, but kicked my ass... i had it set up so it was a pull slide. not bad for my first bong. :)
  20. small bubble size is also something very important... but this cannot be at the cost of smoothness.... it cannot hinder suction. so squeezing bubbles through a small gap is not really a viable option.... so how do you reduce bubblesize?

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