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  1. I was looking at these things called Phototrons. Are they any good for growing? Is the actual machine good? Which would I want to get if I did?
  2. A Phototron is simply a cabinet with fluorescent lighting installed- they are insanely expensive for what they are and what they do. No reason why you can't convert a hardware store wardrobe into a grow cabinet and save lots of dough. Line it with panda film for lightproofing and fit it with cooling fans.

    Phototrons are really ancient stuff- they pre-date HID lighting- fluoros were about all that was available in the 1970s for indoor growing. In their day, they were something to talk about.

    Fluoros are still a good choice if the space you intend to grow in can not be ventilated sufficiently to use HPS lighting. Using fluoros may be the difference between being able to grow in a certain space- or not at all.

    However, fluoros are a serious compromise in flowering compared to HPS. Fluoros (including CFLs) produce low-intensity light and will produce poor bud density and limited bud weight compared to equivalently sized HPS.

    There are now small HPS lights out there (60, 75, 150, 250W) which can do small spaces, though. Even small HPS lights produce high-intensity light, necessary for good quality buds; less power than the usual 400-600-1000HPS means less area covered, though.

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