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    Well to answer a few of your questions, in the space of 2'x3' that is adequate for about 5-6 plants grown to maturity. With good lighting, say maybe a 250 or 400 watt HPS you should be able to harvest 2 ounces per month easily. Just use soil, getting into Hydroponics for such a small area is simply not worth the cash and the time to set it all up. Hope that helps you a bit

    Budguy :)
  2. I'm attempting growing for the first time, and have a few questions. The space I'd intended is a small closet (2'x3'x7'). Judging by what I've read, this could be big enough for a flowering level and a clone level, but High Times is very vague about the specific setup--they want you to buy the book. Is hydro the way to go? I would like to get a couple of ounces a month from this project (more would be nice, of course) Have any of you tried the phototron light cabinet? :D :D :D
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