Phototron & Dealzer Grow Boxes for beginners

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  1. Do these products work? Also does anyone know about the output of odor and noise. I don't need a lot of smoke and would be looking at the $400 - $500 products.
  2. I just buy the super closet 2.0 and right now I am giving it 3 out of 5 stars. you will have some nosie coming from your box so if people will be walking by they will ask about.
  3. Thanks. I am interested in the 5 or 6. Do they work and can I get a lb. a year?
  4. super closet should be about to get a lb every two months but unclear what you mean when you say 5 or 6
  5. Unable to locate super closet on web sites. The Phototron 6 is 21" x 39" and sells for $429.95. The Dealzer looks like a computer tower and will grow two plants. I am unable to determine if these are good products or not.
  6. Don't waste the money on the phototron.. me and a few others have them and they just don't work that great. mine has been reworked with new lights, fan, ebb & flow.. and all I use it for is to hold clones. I could build something that works better without taking up as much room. oh and when you want to replace a bulb you are looking at close to $40 per bulb..

    Save your money and try something else.. If I had to do it again ,no way would I buy another phototron..

  7. have you got a link to this.. I have a really hard time believing you will get a pound from it.. ;)

  8. is just a website that sell different products and the website I am talking about is they do have boxes that will give you 1 lb every two months but it will cost a lot of money to start up. I bought one because I am new to growing my own but with a budget of 400 to 500 no you will not get the lb I was talking about.
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    well after looking them over.. I don't see spending $2395 for a 6 SQF grow box..
    you will not get a pound every 2 months from this one>> Super Closet

    you may do it with this one but you will easily have over $4000 in it to do it right.. > Super Closet

    for that price I could be running a much larger grow-op.. :eek:

    while they are nice this is what they make for people with more money than brains.. nothing personal just way over priced for what you get.. ;)
  10. yeah don't waste the money..

    let's take a look at your goals..

    self supply of weed..
    Budget $500..

    2' X 4' grow tent.. $69 2x4 ft Hydroponic Box Grow Room Tent Mylar Cabinet | eBay

    400 watt hps light.. $167.90 400 WATT 400w MH+HPS DIGITAL GROW LIGHT HOOD SUN SYSTEM | eBay

    4" fan and filter.. $139.90

    Ok that brings us to 376.80.. and leaves $123.20 for soil or hydro.. you could do bubble Buckets and still have money for seeds..

    now the tent and parts I posted are just average price.. I bet you could look around and find better deals..
  11. My system needs to fit in where it won't be noticed. I have also been thinking about 90w UFO LED grow lights. Would probably put 1 or 2 of these in a 2' square x 4' tall box and use soil as a medium. Does anyone know if these lights are up to growing a few plants or just a waste of time?
  12. Lots of people use led lights. They work......I plan to get a few bigger ones in the not too distant future. They don't heat up your room like HIS lights but they don't get the penetration either. You will need to use a sog or scrog method to make it worthwhile with led.....benderbob is also right about your budget. I would diy my box if I were you. What about a blown speaker in a big box (probably get something like this cheap or free at a garage sale or on craigslist.....or maybe a cheap cabinet to retrofit? On a $500=$1000 complete budget, a homemade grow area is the way to go....esp if you want the leds. Don't cheap out on your lights make sure they are 3w each and not 90 1w leds.
  13. A cheaper lighting option would be t5 flouros. They also don't have the heat up as bad as mh/hps systems.....but like leds penetration can be an issue.

  14. Supercloset 2.0 HELL NAW! Ive heard nothing but BAD REVIEWS about these things, seriously not worth it

    Check this fellow blades review and you be the judge
  15. Do it for 1/3 or less. Get details and build yer own.

    I don't have a lot to worry about so check out my ghetto in my sig
  16. Thanks for your help. My grow area is almost complete and expect seeds soon. I am looking at a 120w extreme flower 3w led for $369.00 from Advanced. Should I get good result from this or should I consider the 180w 3w extreme flower for $170 more?
  17. I have the deluxe and it kicks ass!!! Totally worth the beans.....check my posts and pics and you'll see for's seriously amazing and actually fun to grow stress and not alot of first pull was 3/4 of an elbow....second was an elbow.....and that was without co2!! Dealzer just resells them.....supercloset is the one that makes them.

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