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  1. OK the wife just picked up a used phototron 3000 SX for $100 bucks. However I need to replace 3 U lights and 1 middle bulb (earthlight). I have a few questions.

    Does it matter the type of U shaped lights? Anyone have any experience with one of these systems? This is my first time with it and to be honest Im thinking I should have saved the $100 to go towards my HPS. However in the mean time I would love to be able to use it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    PS. I went to but was unable to find any info regarding the 3000 series.

    I appreciate any help!
  2. You can use the U tubes from menards they will work. the phototron works but it will not get you the buds you see some people grow. They will probobly be small buds and not too many but if you just smoke allittle you will be happy!.
    Grow on !
  3. how many lumens do photron produce???
  4. i do not have one or seen one but here is what i found on
    6) 55-watt Fluorescent bulbs producing 26,000 lumens of vertical light to generate
    excellent plant growth.
    i see it is an old post but someone might want to know.
  5. I remember looking at Phototron ads in High Times Magazine when I was a kid.  I used to think they were the big ticket in growing!   Now, I think you'd be best off not investing anything further into the Phototron.   I would only suggest purchasing non-propriatary gear that you can keep using if you choose to change grow methods or expand your operation.
    Note:  The company that owns Phototron also owns Greners, and several other grow products. 

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