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Photosynthesis Experiment

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by IamODESE, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Is there a way to graft, merge, or grow photosynthesizing cells on a human (ME)?

    I was wondering because that would be a pretty effective way to eat.
  2. im pretty sure your body wouldnt accept those cells and would either attack them or ignore them. animal cells and plant cells are also very differently structured. photosynthesizing cells use light and chemical compounds to break down more compounds/chemicals to attain glucose, and other chemicals i presume. this is off the top of my head.

    we attain our energy by absorbing nutrients/compounds chemicals through our digestive track, i think humans/animals need a lot more nutrients than your average plant

    so photosynthesis would not be sufficient enough to sustain a human life

    i think thats why we dont do it, its easier yes but easy is rarely the best
  3. I'm guessing stem cells wouldn't be useful here, right?
  4. of course you can grow photosynthetic cells ON you. you'll need to cover yourself with fertilizer, stay in a humid room and plenty of light.

    the only problem i see is you can get fungus growing on you and that is obviously a health issue...

    as to how your body can obtain the carbohydrates from the plant cells themselves, that is impossible!
  5. There would be a few massive problems with this.

    The biggest problem, however, is that photosynthesis primarily takes place via chlorophyll (the stuff that makes plants green plays a major role in photosynthesis).

    Humans can receive chlorophyll poisioning when too much is consumed and/or somehow in the human system.

    Though it may not seem like it, photosynthesis is also a rather inefficient process.

  6. Very inefficient indeed, read my journal on how to increase the photosynthesis power of your plant dramatically!!

    And as for you, nope, it'll kill ya buddy.
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    Well there goes my dreams of being half plant.
  8. For all I know it's been done.

    How about the same way you graft pot plants. All the plants need is water.

    Sorry, no pictures, yet...

    Grafting. Using the main stem after harvest, split stem down the middle. About 1.5 inches. Next, top a plant. Shave the thick stem of the the top to a wedge. Dip in rooting hormone and insert wedge into the split main stem. Wrap tightly using plastic and secure with rubber bands. The rest is up to the patients.
  9. Must hurt a lot to have a plant take root.
  10. Your immune system will attack anything that breaks into your living tissue, with few and specialized exceptions. And there is no way this would make food more convenient, plants need more than air, light, and water. Any nutrients you would get would have been stolen from your body. That is just having plants grow on you. Your body has no means of gaining the ATP generated from photosynthesis, so don't plan on becoming photosynthetic without eons of evolution or genetic engineering that we don't have the technology to do, yet.
  11. That means I gotta start tryingg to encourage that evolution NOW. So it happens eon later.
  12. The photosynthisis will stop reletively quickly. Instead, might I suggest filling the jar with carbon dioxide. I hve carried a photosynthesis lab in which i changed the light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis by using Elodea as my pond weed. I did this by measuring the volume of CO2 released.

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