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    So the first person posts a pic then the next blade has to photoshop it into something funny.. this game is good for anyone who is good at photoshopping or just your average toker who wants to look at hilarious pics.. No nudes please.
  2. Wow, what a success..
  3. My 15 min worth. Enjoy. lol

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  4. .

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    Lol, no nudes theres pretty much no way to Photoshop that without putting dicks in his hands..
    You could make it so he is holding the ropes of a swing or riding a motorcycle but holding it wrong.
  7. That's just the confines of society telling you what you should draw maaaaaan. The possibilities are endless.
  8. Hmmmm

  9. I'll take this challenge later when on my pc. I got this. Muhahaha *evil grin*
  10. Enjoy!

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  11. Lol nice man.. Thanks for keeping the thread going! :)
  12. Alright guys.. aha give this one a go:

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  13. I got it. Technically it's not nudity, it's a poorly drawn phallus. If that counts as nudity, obviously let me know and I'll remove it. Not trying to break any rules.
    lil wayne.png
  14. Aha alright someone else post one
  15. I will never look at your username the same. haha

  16. nathan for you.jpg
  17. Lmao. Come on that photo was just asking to be made more pervy.

    Haha You mean because of my aviator? Come on...I am cool with leather and buckles and chains but I draw the line at ugly vinal masks.

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