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  1. hello GC! well the name pretty much says it all. here are a couple photoshop sigs i made recently.unfortunately i wont be making any more until i get a real version of photoshop and not just a trial.anyways ill shut up. These are free so if you want one of them just ask and ill sent it through e-mail.Feel free to post some of your own as im just gettin use to photoshop.
    But once i get a version of photshop and increase my skills lol i will make sigs and post them up here for the GC community for free.

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  2. yeah the comments are positive. people are saying there anti virus programs are saying it contains a trojan, but thats because its cracked.
    ill try to find the photoshop torrent i downloaded.
  3. yeah thanks man but should pick it up if it does have anything. appreciate it if you find it.
  4. found the one i dl'ed

    just follow the instructions in the link. i have had it for sometime and haven't came across any problems. but im scanning it right now just incase, does it usually take awhile to scan?

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 + crack (download torrent) - TPB
  5. depending on how big the file is. should take about 10 minuets or so
  6. came clean.
    Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanner - Services -

    File Info

    Report date: 2010-05-20 03:42:17 (GMT 1)
    File name: Adobe_Photoshop_CS3___crack
    File size: 18421 bytes
    MD5 Hash: da6fc61a0eaaa30dfdaa10e84abf31c0
    SHA1 Hash: 5f0d54377a8d645c624a197016e315d0e89a6b1c
    Detection rate: 0 on 20 (0%)
    Status: CLEAN


    a-squared - -
    Avast - -
    AVG - -
    Avira AntiVir - -
    BitDefender - -
    ClamAV - -
    Comodo - -
    Dr.Web - -
    F-PROT6 - -
    G-Data - -
    Ikarus T3 - -
    Kaspersky - -
    McAfee - -
    NOD32 - -
    Panda - -
    Solo - -
    TrendMicro - -
    VBA32 - -
    VirusBuster - -
    Zoner - -

    Scan report generated by[/ur
  7. thanks man sry to take up your time with the scanning but looks good i will download.! thanks
  8. np man, if i had anything else better to do right now i wouldn't be on gc lol.
  9. i downloaded it but it keeps trying to open up in frostwire and when it does it says it is either malformed or frostwire doesnt have permission to open it or something like that. oh well
  10. oh do you have like utorrent, or bittorrent?
  11. no sry i dont use nor do i like torrents too many viruses. has showed me not too download from torrents. but i'll look around. i might just have to use the torrent.
  12. yeah you need a torrent for thebay, im using that scanner on a different site that you dont need a torrent on.
  13. alrite well if the one without the torrent comes clean ill go with that one thanks in advance:)
  14. downloading now
  15. alright if you need any help on setting up i'll try to help.
  16. nah i shouldnt need any help but none of these are working i downloaded the .rar one and extracted it and it was a acrobat document. ill look for some tomorrow. im tired and need to hit the bed. thanks though. (+rep for trying!)
  17. thanks man.

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