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Discussion in 'General' started by AK74, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I just need to know if you can open a photoshop elements file with photoshop CS5. I kind of need to use elements but take the end result and hand it in as a cs5 file.
  2. I never used Elements, but if it just saves the file as a .PSD, I don't see why not.

    I think you'd be more likely to run into problems going in the other direction, if you created something in CS5 using features that aren't supported in Elements... assuming it's not something addressed when you save in CS with compatibility mode checked.

    If this is because you use Elements at home & CS at school, just make a quick test file using whatever features you'll be using, save the file and take it to school and see if it works.
  3. alright i wasnt sure because i thought elements and cs were like maybe sort of different programs... i guess not. but yeah makes sense since the file ends in .psd it should open fine in cs5

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