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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by legalizebud89, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm just wondering for all of you photoshop, paintshop pro, gimp, etc. artists on here have fully payed for your program. I know nothing about any of these and just wanted to know if there was a free way to get these legally or if there is a good alternate program thats free.

  2. while i have several versions of photoshop, i do have a legitimate license for one of them since i do commercial art too.

    no way i know of to get PS or PSP for free legally, gimp is free if i remember correctly. The best you can do though is use a student edition if you are enrolled in school. you can purchase these editions for 60%-80% cheaper with the only limitation of not being able to sell any of the work that you make with it.
  3. you can get trial versions of photoshop.. by setting your computer clock back a year after the time has expired i think you can keep using the trial.. but that's if you want to be a sneak snake
  4. you usually have to edit your registry for entries made by the trial software to get the rollback-the-clock trick to work.
  5. there is no way to get them free legally... unless you need it for only 30 days. but why would you care if its legal?
  6. my friend somehow stole photoshop from my school by putting it into a compressed folder on his flash drive. he then gave it to me. :hello: idk about the "crack" for it though, i think he downloaded it on limewire.

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