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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by deadhead, May 7, 2002.


Want to see more of my work?

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  1. This file will take a min to load but it's neet. It's not animated....yet
    I got more stuff like this so watch out!
    I wish it came out better.
  2. Love it, dude! I wanna see some more.
  3. yeeeeeeeees lets see it!! i just started messing with photoshop what fun!!! lets see some!!
  4. i luv it! show us more!!
  5. I was gonna post a thread bout photoshop, but he done beat me to it! Nice work my friend, very trippy....

    THis is something really simple to do in photoshop with the filters....I just really like how it came's mine and my newborn sons hands...

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  6. the easiest way to learn Photoshop is to get the instruction book called classroom in a book....photoshop has so many features you miss just playing around with it. I went to school for computer and graphic design for 4 years and I still don't know everything Photoshop is capable of....

    Adobe Illustrator is also a great Deadhead...try it out's kinda like Pagemaker with one hell of a kick...has more page layout tools than said you wished it had come out better....I like it just fine!

  7. try merging layers...that will help some, also try changing resolution..if it for screen and not for print you only need 72 dpi....that's what most monitors are can find that information in your edit image size options...for print you still don't need anything higher than 300 dpi unless you want it super super crisp, then 600 dpi...but that's used for really detailed stuff or coated paper

    Hope that helps, if not let me know, I know Photoshop very well and can check into it further
  8. Here are one of my works.

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  9. haha it's a boob ;)

    oh yeah, you said that shits not animated but I swear it moves ;)

  10. hey dude...that's a fucking awesome pic....i was gonna post one of mine, but i don't think it can beat that one or any of them....great job guys! =P they are all really wicked, the first ones real buzzy, and the one with the baby hand is really wicked. you guys really have really done wonders with photoshop. i'm still just mucking around trying out new stuff, like layering. if you guys could give me any tips i'd really appreaciate it. catch yaz!
  11. Classroom in a Book is an awesome way to learn any Adobe program..they have step by step projects for you to do.

    Good luck...its is an awesome program, have fun with it.
  12. ....directly ro my desktop......
    awesome pic.
  13. WOW...those are some damn cool pics...i have to say i love the one with the little baby was too tuff...and that my upcoming tatoo? hehe
    you guys have done a great job...if and when i ever get my laptop back...that is something i am going to be looking to you guys for help...hehe

    thanks for sharing...i'd love to see more...

  14. man, the links are dead,
    meybe you want to check that out.

  15. i just checked them all out, they work for me.
  16. I may as well throw some of my pictures out there too.
  17. Absolutely boobiful :D

    Ok quick question... how do I load images on here? I've got some on another site that I'll have to get permit to post on here. So can someone tell me how?

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