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photoshop fun

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by clonemeister, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. just some pics of me altered wth photoshop.

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  2. #2

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  3. #3

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  4. Yep, they are all the same pic even
  5. not bad,
    tis what i use to make all my siggies!
  6. photoshop rules
    i have a graphics class in school for 2 hours a day and all we do is mess around with illustrator and photoshop. we make some crazy shit sometimes
  7. here's an image of myself that I edited with photoshop.

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  8. haha... excelent... head in a scanner stuff.

    done alot of that myself.

    screebly.... u get to use Pshop IN SCHOOL!?????!?!?
    ...lucky bastard!

  9. are you using lots of filters of just tools, looks like filters...
  10. I use tools a LOT. The reason it seems like a lot of filters is because the last one covers the entire thing.

  11. It's just another great way to amuse yourself while baked ;). It's even cooler when you move around while it scans. You can get some pretty wierd scans.
  12. here's two more using my pic from above, and filters

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  13. this one reminds me of van gogh

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  14. i like #3 the best... the lights in the eyesockets kicks ass... plus the icecle thing is pretty phatty too.

    can't wait to see more :D

  15. Yeah....I gotta agree with cotten here.....Number 3 is fuckin awesome. I just got photoshop from Nic, and Im a fuckin moron...Im still tryin to figure it out. heh.
  16. here's a little animated gif I made with the same pic I used to make my avatar.

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  17. btw, the icicle effect is done by flipping the image on it's side and appling the "wind" filter a few times. The lights in the eyes are lense flares.
  18. http://www.angelfire.com/sk3/dskate/desktop.jpg

    this is my desktop background .. i made it and got the green scheme i set all those.. then i downloaded a green winamp skin.. and then just sat their listenin to some tenacious d... tell me what u thnk of the backgrounD!! :D
  19. that's a dead link, man.
  20. here's a pic of two T-storms coming together over Dallas Ft. Worth.As you can see I played with it a little.

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