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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Hilikus, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Great pics man.
    Almost moved to Pismo years ago.
    Went to Tahoe instead ..
  2. 105* in Pismo yesterday. And here I sit 10 miles away complaining about 78*.
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  3. After a week of mid-90s, yesterday we had a high of 73º and a low this morning of 46º.
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  4. Same! ^^^^^^^

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  5. Yup. My plants don't care much for those 30* temp swings.
  6. Pismo Dunes from Avila Beach
    Gazebo at Pismo Motel
    Pismo Pier (and dunes) from gazebo pictured above.
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  7. One of my sons many projects
    3682992763_1932a85fe8_o.jpg 3683799892_56a1b4cff3_o.jpg

    OOPS! This is what happens to a beach cruiser at 30mph.
    3682984375_8692d107d3_o.jpg 3682980181_46a2344341_o.jpg
  8. Luckily, he sold this one before he tore it up.
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  9. Madonna Ranch, San Luis Obispo,CA
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  10. Atascadero, CA
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  11. Shandon, CA
    Cannabis should be every bit as legal and accepted as the wine industry.[​IMG]
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  12. Downhill composite
    hs comp-3potn.JPG
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