Photos that Changed the World.

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    i thought this was a cool article.

    click on a pic and it gives you the story behind the pic. these pics are hauntiing.

    Photos that Changed the World

    i think the Boston Fire and Execution of Viet Cong are both powerful because the pic were taken at the last second of their life. kinda sad that these beautiful pics show the world at its most miserable times.
  2. thats absolutley crazy man!
  3. What a nice collection of photographs. I think these pic can change the whole world. These pics are very impressive. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice collection.
  4. My favorite photograph ever.


    I don't see why bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster was in there I don't think they changed much.
  5. Some of those are so haunting.
  6. those pictures are amazing! thank you so much for sharing :)

  7. Yeah, the baby hand one is especially haunting. Alot of the WWII photos are also really amazing.
  8. yeahh, lookin at some of these pics gives me the chills.
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  10. Very powerful stuff.

    I was surprised the hindenburg wasn't on there.

  11. i've always loved this. dude was just like "fuck this im out" and peaced. good stuff.
    Conrad Schumann
  12. mannnnnnnnn, he's just sitting there while he's burning. he isnt even showing the pain. just very calm.

  13. Afghan Girl

    I remember watching a documentary of this photo (I was really bored)..

    Her eyes are mesmorizing
  14. in my high school photo class, my teacher showed us this pic and then instructed us to write her life story just by looking at the pic of her.

    the photographer went back to see her a couple years later as an adult and took the same angel pic of her again. the expression behind her eyes didnt change. :(

  15. [​IMG]

    It sure didn't..
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  17. So many photos capturing mans horrible nature. Where are the BEAUTIFUL photos that changed the world damnit

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