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  2. interesting, but I think they need some work. Generally, you want photographs to have interesting subject matter (ex: a car crashing), or interesting composition. When you have both of these things, thats when a photograph is really great. You have a few interesting lines and angles, along with the contrast between the building and the sky, but thats about it. You could try looking for symmetry and repetition, or geometric angles.
  3. ^^^

    I pretty much agree
  4. Shooting this subject in better lighting could go a long way. Less sky, and shot at sunrise or sunset (or even a long exposure after dark) would make them much more interesting.
  5. protip: never spend too much time on one subject
  6. Your pictures need to tell a story. These pictures don't tell me anything. I don't know what this place is or why it is special to you from looking at these pictures. Also, the lighting is not the best. I'm a huge fan of natural lighting, but it doesn't work in this case. Try shooting the subject at a different time of day.
  7. thanks guys, i wasn't giving too much thought to composition, i was just going for a walk near my house and snapped a few pictures. thanks for the feedback though

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