Photographers! Is this a good trade? Canon EOS 400D > Nikon D40

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Bencker, May 26, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I know that there are some great photographers on here so I thought this would be the place to ask for help. :)

    My buddy who's a pretty good photographer asked me if i wanted to trade my Canon EOS 400D for his Nikon D40, since he's very much into that HDR stuff. The cameras are in similar shape (used but nothing wrong with them), and he said he'll put some money down too since the 400D costs a little more.

    What do you guys think? I'm kinda on the fence since I really could use some money, but I have a fisheye lens for mine (wich he would also buy, it's a MC Zenitar 16mm fisheye lens with a Canon mount.. I would keep it if i could find a mount for Nikon, maybe you know where I can find one?)

    And, if I do trade, how much money should I ask for?

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    I don't have much experience outside of the 4/3 shooting world but the Canon 400d is the rebel xti right? Trade an Xti for a D40, I wouldn't though the D40 was a nice camera.

    the XtI is a 10mp camera, the D40 is 6mp, while that don't make much differance if you don't plan on printing large.

    from everything I've read on the xsi and the d40 I would rather have the xti, now if you had an offer for a D80 or D90 id tell you to jump ship because I fucking loved shooting with the D90.

    I would say keep yours, if you want to go into Nikon you could simply buy a D40 for about 250-300 used while your XtI (If the 400d is indeed the xti I forget) is upwards of like 500-800ish

    Want more info? Read

    Ahhh its a rebel XTI gotcha, I still say keep the canon but the D40+money wouldn't be a terrible trade if you want to go nikon
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    Oh yeah, it's called a Rebel XTI in the U.S, sorry about that :eek:

    And thanks for the reply man! I'll think about it some more.. I always suck at making decisions like this.

    Yeah, I'm not really that interested in going into Nikon, I just want the money youknow? But, a couple of hundred dollars get spent quickly, while the Canon will last me a good couple of years and I'll still get good money for it if I want to sell it later.
  4. I personally love my D40x, just because I am a Nikon fan.

    I feel the Nikon D40 is lacking what the D400 has though. The Cannon has live preview, real time B&W, and so much more.

    Plus the Cannon has a bigger sensor (Doesn't really matter much) just something to think about.

    Stick with the Cannon :).
  5. i have a D40
    i love it :D
    but i hear that canon is better
    they have websites that tell u all the camera's ratings
  6. if you go Nikon you have to go either D90, D60, or D5000. i just got the 5000 and i love it, and the 12.9mp is niiice. but the 5000 and 90 have HD video which is killer. i vote nikon over cannon
  7. I have a D70 but I really dislike the D40 and a few relatives have Canon Xti's and they are pretty chill, more fun than the D40 was for me.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! :D I knew GC was the place to ask, you guys are great :)
  9. every review i've ever seen rate the EOS well above the D40 in terms of picture quality, colour match and functionality

    but if you need the money ...
  10. Yeah I'll find money elsewhere. It's an okay deal but in the long run I'll be better off with the Canon
  11. i have a canon 40D and im in love with it. Everyone has their opinions but personally i love canon products. I own a Canon GL2 as well.
  12. Good choice! Where do you have your shots posted?

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