Photographer Captures Tender Moment Between Man And His Sick Dog In Lake Superior

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    This is a story from around where I live, this story makes me so damn happy to be alive. That dog has felt true love. I love the lake superior area. :)

    I don't know if this was posted before but it rekindles my faith in the human race.

    Photographer Captures Tender Moment Between Man And His Sick Dog In Lake Superior (PHOTO)

    "She said the photograph of Unger and Schoep is more than just a moment frozen in time; it's an everlasting reminder."
  2. Dude...

    I just fucking cried.

    I miss my dog...she died during my sophomore year in college. Literally my best friend for 14 years. I love you Pepper.
  3. i saw this posted on facebook a bit ago, nice to read the rest of the story. very awesome.

    i love dogs, but can't support one right now. :( I'm gone for usually 10-12 hours straight every day, plus 90% of the apartments in this area (that I can afford) don't allow dogs.
  4. What a great story. I use to float my sheltie in the pool when his hips started getting really bad.

    Thank you for understanding that even though you love dogs that you don't have the time to give one all the attention it needs.

    I know way too many people(mostly girls with small toy dogs) that bought a dog as soon as they moved into an apartment in college. They'd be gone all day for class/work, come home for like 30min-1hour, then head out to the bars all night, and come home and pass out.:(
  5. Saw that the other day from another source, and it made my day!!:D

    Ironically I was going to make a thread about it but I figured it would get deleted by a mod.
  6. Dogs really are mans best friend if only they could speak english.
  7. Yeah I wish I had the time for one also, in the next 5 years, by the time i'm 30 I want a dog. I have the time right now, just not the apartment or money.
  8. I teared up. I Love seeing stuff like this..heartwarming.
    God Bless that man.
  9. I know it is really amazing what he does for that dog. The water must help tremendously no pressure on his joints at all. I bet that is how the dog falls asleep every night because there is so much pain in his joints.
  10. I didn't get it at first. Now I do. Glad I did.

    Thanks for the post. I saw this on Yahoo!, but I didn't click on it because I didn't see the point of the story (well, duh!).

    That's amazing. The things people will do for their loved animals. :)

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