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  1. hey there a "standard', photo length that triggers flowering, pre fowering, in a run of the mill, bag seed variety, mj plant, under natural growing conditions?? i understand varieties differ etc but is there a rule of thumb gauge?? ...+ or - half an hour or so??? i use half hour before official sun rise to half hour after official sun set to calculate my photo-period length...i'm at ~15-9 right now...just tryin to maximize yield/minimize effort for my final batch of the summer, and i have a feelin you've crossed this stream before...any and all wisdom is much abliged.
  2. dont double post thats dick

    search flowering light schedule

    you will see that MG needs 12 hours of daylight 12 hours of darkness to induce flowering.

    idk why you would follow the sun if your doing indoor.

    you should keep your plants on 24/0 or 18/6 while vegging and once they are the height you want switch to 12/12 for flowering.

    i shouldn't have even answered your question because its such an easy to find thing if u just SEARCH!
  3. i will refrain from comment for now ... DICK
  4. i have read strains out doors will sometimes flower or show pre-signs at as much as 14 hrs of dark. but the regular like stated before is 24/0 or 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for floweering.

    some ppl transition their light like it seems youre trying to do by starting at 18/6 and shortening the day by a half an hr everyday or 2 untill u reach 12/12. come to think of it ive seen quite a few grows that way i think it may stress the plant less from the switch but i dont kno for sure.

    i do kno ppl shorten the daylength at the end of the flowering cycle from 12/12 to 10/14, moving slowly like i said before hell i even did 6/18 to mature the bud faster or just help them finnish up in general. but thats only in the last week i dont kno if its accepted grow community wide but i use it all in some moderation
  5. ok i can't take this shit anymore..guys i know intimately the life cycle of a marijuana plant from germination to maturity..the phytodynamic processes which trigger hormonal activity in a maturing marijuana plant are stimulated largley but not totally by photo length. taking out variabes such as altitude, temperature differentials, humidity, etc. the the photo length factor has the greatest single influence on the progression of mj through it's life cycle and is especially important in the transition from vegetative to flower state! ..where i live the marijuana plants can't read a watch so they really don't get the whole 12-12 thing or 18-6. if they did they woud start flowering in mid november and i don't think they packed winter coats...meantime i'll keep searching Bot papers for a relevant study , you two should read thread histories before commenting on things in which you are not qualified to answer.
  6. hey kid just use the search button.
  7. the answer is ~14.5 - 9.5...mid aug where i live...a 24-7, vegged plant, can be placed outside at this point... the 9.5 hour dark period is enough to trigger flowering naturally...if i had to wait for 12-12 it would be oct 1 and that is too searches were in vein, but the man, dr GG had the answer.
  8. you will see that MG needs 12 hours of daylight 12 hours of darkness to induce flowering..

    i shouldn't have even answered your question because its such an easy to find thing if u just SEARCH![/quote]

    it needs about 9.5 hours dark to trigger flowering...DICK:wave:

    DR. BG was saying what it CAN flower under, outdoors.

    INDOORS the BEST WAY is to use a 12/12 lighting schedule

  10. Good Thing!!! Since I Am Growing Outdoors...
  11. Well then the problem would probably be that this was posted in the wrong section then. Since there is a whole board dedicated to outdoor growing it should have probably been there, still no need for hostility folks. Glad you found what you needed ric.
  12. biggie, but it's not like i'm on the indoor board... either.
  13. ric,i had the same question/situation; so ty. and+rep for yr cool w/the fools lol :D
  14. reasoner...thanx for "getting" the fact that sometimes extreme restraint is required when replying to some folks:devious:...they know not what they do...anyway what i have learned is, in my area, my outside bag seed plants began to flower at about 9 hours of dark... two weeks ago!...this now beggs the question...when i closet grow this winter, wouldn't a 14-10 flowering light schedule produce a higher yield???...two extra hours of light, for 60 days equals 5 full additional days of light...bigger yield right???...maybe this should have been on the indoor board...who made 12-12 the law???...surely pros know the exact schedule???any thoughts:)
  15. i did 14/10 last winter w/good results- see pg3 of my journal :cool:

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