Photo Journal - Real high!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Little Wing, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Last night I got higher then I have for a while...
    I started stuff up by rolling a nice jay with some red-hairs bud I have...
    It came out pretty nicely
    Then I had a nice session with the vaporizor.
    These vaporbrothers models kick ass.
  2. Then out came the heady bud..
    The zongs really sealed the deal..
  3. Thats my friends Zong. The thing rips like a champ.
  4. That's a fucking sweet bong! The bud looks pretty good, though I'd be pissed if someone tried selling me bud with that much leaf left on. Then again, if you're doing joints it's not too bad.

    Are Zongs still in production anywhere?! I must hunt one down. That is so damn cool..

  5. I don't think you'd be too pissed. Those little bits of leaf still on that bud are coated white with frosty crystals. I'm pretty sure zongs are still being made, my local headshop is stalked with them. They are cheap too.
  6. dude i have a bong almost exactly like that one but its just a smaller one. its only bout one foot but it hits awesome. and it changes colors... oooo... cooolllooorrrs.
  7. I have a zong I never even usa it.. I hate it.. I like your grinder.. Do you get a lot of crystals built up in it???
  8. Sounds and Looks like you got BAKED that night.
  9. bobby, think you could put a price tag on your zong?
  10. the guy hitting th bong looks like the only kid i know in 12th grade with a FULL beard and mustache
  11. Uhh, do you know me?
  12. that'd be funny if he was in your class :X
  13. The owner of the zong posts here occasionally... Waiting for him to see it and be like... "Hey... thats my zong".

    His internet is broken right now though so it may not be for a while.
  14. Here's my Zong and THC there cheap enought to buy mine was only 80

    Attached Files:

  15. Why do you hate your zong? Looks good.
  16. I don't like the way it hits.. Just something about it.. All I use is my HVY or I'll smoke a blunt..
  17. Just rolled myself a personal kingsized Jay...
    This thing knocked me on my ass!!
    It burned for over half an hour!
  18. well, those glass bongs have to be used a bit to taste well, when theyr new they taste like shit.

  19. There not new I just keep them clean because the smell of bong water is not that appealing..

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