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  1. So, I think this is a phosphorus DEF. based on some research and help from a previous post. Along with Red pestioles (Spelling) I have been feeding her Tiger bloom and big bloom and she is in Fox Farms Ocean forest soil. She is 5 weeks into flower and has a total age of 13 weeks. So my PH of the run off water is about 6.0. I use PH strips and match the color. In response to the PHos. Def. I mixed a a small batch of Miracle grow as it had Phos. in in at about 8%. So will this correct the problem and do I need to bring up the PH from 6.0? if so How do I slowly raise the PH. I plan to flower this Mr. Nice guy strain another 3 weeks for a total flower of 8 weeks. What say you


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  3. Some one must be able to help? I got this far with advice from GC some body gotta have some input
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    I do see some leafs curling up and crispy tips which could be a magnesium def, or excess heat and humidity. Magnesium gets locked out at 6.5 and below. Best ph is 6.5-6.8 for soil to avoid any nute lock out. FF Big Bloom already has phosphate in the nute.
    Adjust yor ph and determine if you have a heat and humidity problem first and 1 tsp per gallon of epsom salt is the remedy th mg.
  5. Phosphorus gets locked out hard below 6.5 or so. You need to up your pH. Everyone says don't worry about pH in soil and they're full of shit. I had massive pH problems that was within days of killing my whole grow just this last go around.
  6. Okay, thsnks..So I will research ways to up the PH. I know its been low as it comes in around 6.0. I will add some epsom salt just in case that is an issue too. I have been feeding her regularly but if the PH has caused the nutes to lock out then its pretty much gonna be defficient in a lot of things. So any quick fix to get PH up around .5??

  7. If your soil is that low you may need to flush, have you done that lately with this plant? Nutes leave salt deposits in soil over time that lower the ph, washing those out will bring your soil back into a decent ph most likely.

    Good luck!
  8. ASKED,
    you know I just did some search and read a long thread where you helped out another grower with the same problem. I am frantic and dont want to lose her. I re checked the PH of the run off water and like him it is around 6.0 may be a dash higher but no tby much. So, instead of shotgunning the solution and going with the epsom salt and waiting I figured may be a flush would be good. I have been feed her religously by the FF scehd. I let my tap water distill for a week or so and prior to adding the nutes its almost the same as the run off around 6.0..So, would you think a flush and let her sit until she dries out then ??? This is a Nice guy strain so from what research I did she should be good at 6-8 weeks flower pending trichome color of course.
  9. Well don't panic, it's just a plant and you can grow more :) You did get a clone or two right?....

    Anyhow, yeah a flush would be great if you haven't done that, FF nutes leave plenty of shit behind LOL

    After you have done the flush and let the plant dry for a few days, adjust your nutes so that your run off is in the 6.5-7.0 range, it may take a few times but that's where you want the ph - watch your runoff ;)
  10. Ok, I am calm now. I gotta plan and I will be flushing today. Your right about the FF Nutes Iam putting shit (Bat Guano) in so I am sure some gets stuck along the way:)

    So, here is the next question how to I change the PH with the FF Nutes? Is it a matter of adding more or less of a particular one? or do I use some other method. I have about three more weeks of growing I would presume
  11. LOL Calm is good! By stoner morales we should always be chill haha :cool:

    When you are done mixing your nutes to the proper dosage, and right before you give it to the plants - this is when you need to adjust the ph. Nutes drop your ph dramatically, you will need to use some "ph Up" most likely. Get the Up & Down solutions at any hydro store, they are pretty cheap. Get it to 7 and start there.

    Check your runoff after feeding, if the ph is low then raise the nute ph next time you feed (I'd say .5 points at a time). Repeat until run off is 6.5-7.0, it may take several tries.
  12. Chill is good!! I only got one plant going at a time and if she goes its back to square one for another couple months.

    I got it now with the PH, I will make a trip and get some PH UP~down. I have been screwing it up the entire time with just using the nutes and distilled water. I am surprised she did this good. So, raise the feed water to around 7, then check it as run off and the target is 6.5-7.0 on the run off. Thanks a million man!! This is a grow I started with a single seed that I got from a 1/8th of Mr. Nice Giuy at the dispensery. No way did I ever think I would get this result. She sprouted in like two days and took off from there. I did it LST and it will pay off once I get this straight..Thnaks again
  13. Sure enough I started flushing and checked teh PH of teh first couple leachings and PH was like 5.0. After about 6 gallons of water its up to maybe 6.5. SO another three gallons of H2O and its back to her house for some rest. Damm she smells good, nothing like the smell of a Woman LOL!!

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