phosphorous deficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by potpie, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Hey all, first grow here so i'm still alittle unsure of what i'm doing. Here is some quick info to give you guys an idea of what im dealing with.

    13 days since germination
    mp5k seeds from dr chronic
    400w mh
    im currently following the lucas formula on half strength

    ive noticed a dark spot on one of my leaves and was curious as to what it is or what it could be...ive been researching deficiencies and other symptoms and am still unclear as to what is causing it. As of now i think it is a phosphorous deficiency because of the black spot in the first picture and the curling leaf in the 2nd. Besides this, its growing really fast and seems healthy to me although ive never grown before. Other then that, how does my plant look for being 13 days old? thanks

    I am going to change to 75% strength nutes, what do you guys think? good or bad idea? thanks alot

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  2. Plant looks great for 13 days. When you start nutes?

    Looks like ya got some good genes there. Also good to catch things like this at beginning. It could be phsycal damage?

    These are meerly suggestions. Please question everything and make an informed decision. Don't hurt your ladies.

    Most seedlings don't need any nutes for 1st couple weeks, but evry plant is different.

    bbl alex
  3. thanks for the reply. I started nutes at half strength about a week in. It didn't seem to be doing so great until i did. The day after i noticed the root system growing much faster then previously (yea i peeked :eek:) Anyways, i've topped off with 75% strength today hopefully she likes it. I'll watch out for that black spot from now on. Don't really know what coudl be causing it though. Thanks.

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